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Failed to parse CSV file, kickstarter backers

A topic by Completely Fair Games created Jul 01, 2017 Views: 318 Replies: 4
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Hello, I am trying to import kickstarter backers using the CSV format. I have tried a file generated by the kickstarter backer report, and custom CSV files closely following the format you provided (even copy pasting the example text), but I always get the error message "Failed to parse backers, is the file the correct format?"

What do I do about that?


In order for us to debug the issue we'll need the CSV file. Can you email it to us at


Thanks, I have emailed you.

We are facing the same issue as well. The error message shown : "Failed to parse backers, is the file the correct format?" Kindly advise.

No worries. We have sorted it out. Generally if you would like to customise backers report, copy and paste the original report, BACKER NUMBER &  BACKER UID must be filled.