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My game is not appearing when I search for it - how do I fix it? Locked

A topic by AllyJamy created Jul 16, 2019 Views: 200 Replies: 9
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For any further issues please double-check the FAQ. I'm locking the topic.

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I have had my game published for 20 days, but whenever I search for it, it does not appear. The game's name is Afterfall.

It is not NSFW, and it is currently in Dev, and will be released for free. But it is not appearing. What can I do to fix this, or is this a bug?


I'm having the same problem. Have you fixed it?


Neither of your projects has any downloads. Search only shows games that can be played. If the problem persists after you're added at least one file, double-check the FAQ.


I see, so we need to provide a downloadable game file for our projects to be displayed. Thanks so much.

So, HTML5 browser-only games won't show up, then? Hmm, I see... didn't know that...

UPDATE: this is not a duplicate reply. My first reply was addressed to the wrong participant. I deleted that one before posting this reply.


Browser-based games do show up. The idea is that a game page must offer something for people to play before it shows up in search.

I see... but is there a specific time interval between submission and initial display in the search query results listing?


Only if your game has a minimum price. In that case it will have to be seen by an admin, which only happens once a day. Otherwise no. It's still possible that a given search doesn't return your game, or at least not in the first few pages of results, making it look like it's not indexed when it is. Don't panic!

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Mine are usually instant, that's strange. Are you sure you made them public? Usually you have to make a draft first, then go back and make it public!


For any further issues please double-check the FAQ. I'm locking the topic.

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