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RPG in a Box

Easily create 3D grid-based, voxel-style RPGs, adventure games, and more! · By Justin Arnold

What happened to Battle System & the minimap?

A topic by Ofihombre created Jun 03, 2019 Views: 727 Replies: 5
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Hello Justin & other, when I saw the manual from v0.5 of RPG in a Box, it explained about the minimap, but it wasn't included in the engine version, and the battle system was also deleted, and a proof of this is that the Start Battle script didn't work, only the text said.

Are you thinking of adding someday a more complex battle system where you can get experience, coins and items?

without battles, isn't a RPG.

Hi Ofihombre, yes, all of those battle system features have always been planned. The minimap will return once I've redesigned it. I'd recommend following along with the development on my Trello board: As listed there, I am currently working on some of the new combat-related mechanics. I'd also recommend joining my Discord server to stay more up to date with the status of my work: And I'm sure everyone there would love to see what you've been creating so far with RPG in a Box!

Ok, Well, in your Trello plans for your new battle system, you need to put that when the battle starts, the healtbars and music are activated, because the old system isn't there anymore, and the one you put new is killed right away.

Can one make a multiplayer online game with this?


Hi BifTek, thanks for the interest! Multiplayer is not currently supported in RPG in a Box.

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