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Happy to hear it’s working properly.

It is unfortunately not feasible to add a custom handwriting style at the moment. The model was trained for a long time using expensive hardware, on a massive dataset generated by specific writing equipment in a specific format.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, please see the latest version (v1.1.1) which should resolve this issue.

vPen comes with all dependencies included, and it’s open source 😊

I’ve asked itch support to refund your purchase.

To enlarge SVGs quickly and easily, this site (not mine) may be helpful.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. They have just been added to the web version.

Sent, please check your email.

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Is calligrapher-ai.dll and sciter.dll in the same folder as calligrapher-ai.exe?

Also, calligrapher_ai.dll must be renamed to calligrapher-ai.dll (change the underscore to a dash).


Right-click on the video source you’ve created and select Filter. Click the + button under the Effects Filters section and select Chroma Key.

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I’m not sure why it isn’t working with your codecs (which are more up-to-date than mine).

I did get a response from the author of Sciter though, and they recommended trying to load a video format supported by Windows by default. So I wonder if a WMV (Windows Media Video) file would work for you?

FunWrite only recognizes videos with .MP4 extensions at the moment, so just rename the extension from .WMV to .MP4 to get it to show in the dropdown (I confirmed this works on my computer).

The GUI engine behind the app relies on your system’s video codecs to decode MP4 files. My best guess is it’s looking for a particular one that doesn’t exist.

I’ve contacted the author of the engine about your issue and am waiting for a response. In the meantime, here are what my codecs are:

I found this by clicking the blue “Technical Support Information” link in the “About” dialog of Windows Media Player.

As illustrated in this screenshot, I was able to get it working no problem. I’m on Windows 10 though, can I ask what OS you’re using?

Thanks for the feedback! I haven’t gotten around to adding theme/sound support yet, but if you’re willing to share one of the mp4 files that don’t work, I can try to fix it.

Do you mean an export-to-WebComponent option?

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Thanks for bringing that to my attention, the source code has just been updated to include the license and match the pre-compiled release version.

If you have already purchased, please see these instructions here on accessing the updated files.

Hey, I’ve uploaded v1.1.0 which supports word-wrap.

It can be a bit slow with longer texts. If this turns out to be a problem, I can look into optimizing it. Just let me know.

Thanks for the feedback!

When you say the tablet is cut by the border of the app, do you mean the tablet doesn’t fit inside its window because it’s too small? Or is it that the tablet is too far to the right or left? Is the tablet centered?

If you don’t mind sharing a screenshot, that would be helpful.

Just wanted to post an update. I haven’t finished the word-wrap feature, but still working on it.

No, it should be tied to your previous purchase. Please see these instructions here.

Thank you for your purchase. To compile the project, one would need to install Rust, then type cargo run in a command prompt window in that folder.

If you wish to bypass this step, I’ve uploaded a pre-built executable titled “EXECUTABLE (v1.0.0)”.

This executable maps German characters as described, and has no text-length limit. Text is shrunk to fit.

I am currently working on word-wrap, and hope to complete it within the week.

Regarding a German dataset:

The current model was trained on the English dataset linked here. It is very computationally-intensive; as you can see, even using machine-learning hardware, it took 2 days.

The same source does have a 13th century German dataset, but it’s (presumably) in blackletter, and probably not in the correct format — static images, instead of strokes with velocity data recorded with “eBeam” (a digital whiteboard).

In theory, one could draw text on their computer (preferably using a digital stylus) and convert the strokes to a compatible format for training, but I am not sure how much text would be required. It may be prohibitively time-consuming. Again, there is the issue of computation power necessary to train the model in a reasonable timeframe.

On the bright side, we’re mostly concerned about missing pairs of dots 😁 So I am hopeful I can find a way to figure out where the umlauts are, and add the missing dots on top.

Unfortunately, this software was trained on an English-language dataset. I do not have access to a compatible German version. If you like, I could patch the app to automatically map ä,ö,ü,ß to ae,oe,ue,ss. But I know that may not be a particularly satisfying solution.

Can I ask if you’re using a copy of the app built from source code purchased here, or simply the prebuilt version from Github? Only the latter should have a ~50 character limit.

I don’t believe there’s any limit on text length, but because word-wrap isn’t implemented, it may go off-screen.

Are you interested in a word-wrap feature?

Thank you for the feedback! I just uploaded v1.0.1, I think it will solve your issue.

Thank you for the feedback. I’d love to replace the graphics with your own, if you want.

If you look at the first GIF on this page (representing the second window), you’ll notice at certain cursor positions, the hand is hidden behind the tablet.

Could you try moving your cursor along the edge of your desktop while observing the second window, to see if the hand becomes visible?

I’ve done a rewrite of the app to make it easier for me to edit and add features, like a hand-resize slider.

You can have the source code if you build it for Linux and let me upload it here 🙂

This version of TransTube only reads from the default input device. I think it would work if you set your mic as default.

I actually mispoke, MS Paint and Paint.NET accept images whose filenames are copied in the format CF_HDROP (not text):

Paint.NET is the main image editor I use, so your disclaimer piqued my interest. I had to find out how to get it to work 🙂

This program is just for that one specific person

Someone asked me to make this program for $40

Hey, if you add the filename of the image as text to the clipboard, this should work with MS Paint and Paint.NET 🙂

I tried to slice this spritesheet, settings columns to 10 and rows to 50, and it freezes:

LPC Fruit Trees

Please download and run vc_redist.x86.exe to install VCRUNTIME140.dll:

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I've already contacted and requested that they issue you a refund.  

If you like, you may do the same at this email:


Please check out the latest update, which supports window resizing, scrolling, and zooming.

Please check your email for a link to the web version.

An email with a link to a web version of the app has been sent out to all customers.

I'm also on Windows 10, and not sure what would cause that.  In any case, I've emailed you a link to a web version of the app that should work without this problem.  Please let me know if this resolves your issue, or if you would prefer a refund.

Can I ask what version of Windows you're running?  Is that Windows 11?

Latest update added support for randomness, stay tuned for variable support!

sure, <myusernamewithoutaspace>

This no longer supports download progress percentage with Google Drive, right?