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Thank you for your purchase. To compile the project, one would need to install Rust, then type cargo run in a command prompt window in that folder.

If you wish to bypass this step, I’ve uploaded a pre-built executable titled “EXECUTABLE (v1.0.0)”.

This executable maps German characters as described, and has no text-length limit. Text is shrunk to fit.

I am currently working on word-wrap, and hope to complete it within the week.

Regarding a German dataset:

The current model was trained on the English dataset linked here. It is very computationally-intensive; as you can see, even using machine-learning hardware, it took 2 days.

The same source does have a 13th century German dataset, but it’s (presumably) in blackletter, and probably not in the correct format — static images, instead of strokes with velocity data recorded with “eBeam” (a digital whiteboard).

In theory, one could draw text on their computer (preferably using a digital stylus) and convert the strokes to a compatible format for training, but I am not sure how much text would be required. It may be prohibitively time-consuming. Again, there is the issue of computation power necessary to train the model in a reasonable timeframe.

On the bright side, we’re mostly concerned about missing pairs of dots 😁 So I am hopeful I can find a way to figure out where the umlauts are, and add the missing dots on top.