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Apologies for the issues! I will probably need to see the exact script in order to further troubleshoot it. Based on the scenario, though, it sounds like you may be able to just use a dialogue since you're wanting it to branch out. Dialogues also allow you to insert scripts into them, so if there's any special logic needed you can use a script node. It mostly depends on how much scripting vs. dialogue is involved, in regards to which method is best.

Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that! 😊


No problem, I'm glad that worked! :) It's strange, though, since it seems to work okay when I have projects on my D: drive, so it must be a combination of things. I'll see what I can figure out! It's at least good to know that it works from your C: drive in the meantime.

That's very strange! I'm not sure off the top of my head what would cause that. What version of Windows are you running? I'm wondering if I maybe have a bug somewhere related to file names/paths. Also, is your project folder on a secondary or external drive? If so, can you try it with the project folder on your main drive?

Great, no problem! I'm glad to hear it's working now! :)

Apologies for the issues! Unfortunately I haven't seen that error before, but based on the message it sounds like Quick Play can't find the executable it needs to run the game. If you look in your RPG in a Box installation folder, is there an "export_templates" subfolder with files inside it? 

Regarding the file deletion issue, are the error messages displayed within RPG in a Box or in your file explorer? It sounds like that may be an OS issue. If you haven't already, you may want to try restarting to see if that allows you to delete the folder completely. Hopefully that helps!

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Hi, I'm Justin! I'm a solo developer pursuing my dream of creating a fun, easy-to-learn tool for making games and other interactive experiences. My hope is that RPG in a Box will allow anyone to bring a story or idea to life regardless of skill level or age!

As its name suggests, it contains everything necessary for doing so, all packaged together "in a box". The software is designed with a fun, beginner-friendly approach in mind as to not require any programming or modelling knowledge, while still providing a wide range of customization and openness. You can export your game to a standalone format for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, allowing others to play it without needing to own RPG in a Box! A free demo version is available on both Steam and

Even though RPG in a Box reached v1.0 and left Early Access on May 10th, I still have many more ideas in store for it. However, I'm now at a point where additional funding and visibility is needed in order to continue full-time development of RPG in a Box. The funding raised from this campaign will allow me to continue developing RPG in a Box beyond 1.0, specifically to expand and improve upon existing features and to pursue the long-term goals that I have for the tool.

As a token of appreciation and to give something back to those supporting this campaign, each perk comes with one or more digital rewards, including your name being listed in the software's credits, a copy of RPG in a Box, or even a custom tile, object, or character of your choosing. I'm very happy to say that my wonderful wife, Sarah, has graciously offered to create and customize these models, which are offered as part of the perks at the $50 level and above and as add-ons! Perks at the $30 level and above include a Steam key for RPG in a Box. All perks include having your name listed in the software's credits (if desired), with higher tiers being listed higher in the credits.

Your support means so much! Every little bit helps and will go a long way towards allowing me to continue pursuing my dream and fulfilling the vision I have for RPG in a Box. If you'd like to know more about RPG in a Box or this campaign, feel free to do so via the comments, direct message, or social media (links below). I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Click the graphic below to check out the Indiegogo campaign. There's only 1 day remaining!

Even if you're unable to contribute to this campaign monetarily, please consider telling your friends, family, and colleagues and sharing about it on social media. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped support RPG in a Box in any way up to this point and to everyone who will do so going forward! I truly appreciate your help in bringing RPG in a Box to the world. I believe that RPG in a Box can be a means of creative expression for everyone!

Official Website:

Official Discord Server:

Press Kit:

Steam Store Page: Store Page:





Trello Board:


While the below list of features lies outside the scope of this campaign, reaching the funding goal would be a huge step forward and bring these closer into sight. I thought it would be beneficial to provide a high-level look at what I plan to implement into RPG in a Box in the longer term if I am able to continue developing it full-time.

Thank you for the feedback! I considered this, but in the end it didn't make sense to tie any specific features or functionality to the campaign as goals. Everything on my Trello board will be added eventually regardless of the outcome of the campaign, and it could be misleading to list certain software features directly on the campaign. The main goal of the campaign is to allow me to continue developing RPG in a Box by providing the necessary short-term support needed for myself and my family, and to hopefully achieve further visibility and recognition.

Thanks Marco! :)

Thanks so much, I'm glad to hear you're excited about it! :) And yes, RPG in a Box is a one-time purchase, so there will never be the need to buy it again.

There isn't one currently, but I can try to get one added! I'm glad you like the icons. :)

Thank you so much, Konstantinos! I really appreciate your support. :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks so much! :)

Thanks so much! I'm excited to finally be getting the groundwork laid for some of these things. :)

Can you try going into the "bin" folder, copy one of the executables (according to whether the OS is 32-bit or 64-bit), place it in the root folder alongside the "game.pck" file, rename the executable to just "game", then try running that? I think that might get it working.

Apologies, I'm not sure what would be causing that. If you aren't currently, can you try downloading and running it from the itch desktop app?

I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to playing more RPG in a Box games! Thanks so much for playing through Dungeon in my Pocket and sharing it. :) I've recently been working on it some more, including a change to a more colorful palette. You may have seen it already, but if not here's a walkthrough video that I made:

Based on the files listed, it appears that is the playable Demo Game Hub which contains an example game. Are you wanting to use the Demo Game Hub project files as a base for your game? If so, you'll want to download the "Demo Game Hub (Project Source Files)".  Or if you're wanting to download the demo version of RPG in a Box, you can do that from the main page here: Hopefully that helps!

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RPG in a Box is a game engine that lets you easily create 3D grid-based, voxel-style RPGs, adventure games, and more! After having been on for over 5 years, RPG in a Box is now at v0.7.2.1! There have been a ton of new features added since its release. If you'd like to get a feel for the current state of the engine, there's a free demo version available. It includes all functionality from the full version except for some limitations on map size/count.

RPG in a Box on

 As its name suggests, it will contain every tool necessary for turning your ideas into games, all packaged together "in a box". The software is designed with a beginner-friendly approach as to not require any programming or modelling knowledge while still providing a wide range of customization and openness.

Early Access Trailer: 

Voxel Editor: Build tiles, objects, and characters from 3D pixel blocks (i.e. voxels) and easily animate them with the editor's frame-based, stop-motion animation system. Importing from MagicaVoxel (.vox) and Qubicle (.qb) is also supported.

Map Editor: Create grid-based worlds with the tiles you've built, then bring them to life by adding interactive NPCs and objects using the editor's intuitive navigation and interaction system.

Visual Scripting: Set up and trigger in-game events with the visual, node-based script editor. Simply drag and drop the desired actions (no programming knowledge required), or manually code "quick scripts" using the custom, Lua-like scripting language.

Dialogue: Write conversations for your NPCs using a visual, flowchart approach similar to that of the script editor. Branching dialogue is supported via player choices and condition checking.

Camera System: Choose from three available camera presets (standard, isometric, and first-person) or tweak the settings to create a custom camera. Stage dynamic cutscenes for your game using the engine’s flexible camera scripting system.

Basic Items: Define basic items for the player to find in containers or earn through the completion of tasks. Attach scripts to trigger effects for potions and other consumable items.

UI Customization: Design one or more dialogue box themes and customize the appearance of many other interface elements such as the inventory, main menu, and credits roll.

Sound FX Generator: Generate fun, retro-style sound effects using the built-in tool based on Dr. Petter’s SFXR.

No problem! :)

There are a few limitations, which are listed in the "Demo Version" section.

Thanks so much, I appreciate it! :)

Thank you! It was in 2017 when I left my job, so now it's been four years that I've been focusing on RPG in a Box full-time. :)

No worries at all! I'm glad to hear that it's working now. :)

Apologies for the issues! I'm not sure why there would be a difference between PCs in this scenario, especially if the sample game runs okay without making any changes. And you said that there are no errors at all in the external console window when the black screen occurs?

When the game starts, I see a blue object as shown in the GIF, and it gives me a potion when I interact with it.

Thanks for posting the project! It seems to work okay when I launch it and start a new game without changing anything, so I'm not sure what is going on. I'll play around with it some more to see if I can recreate the new game issue.

Would you mind zipping up your project files and posting it somewhere? I think I am going to need the project in order to troubleshoot the issue further. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Hello! I'm glad to hear you're interested in the engine. Regarding the issue, I'll need some more details in order to troubleshoot it. What sort of objects were added, and were any scripts added or modified? Also, when the game starts, are there any errors in the external console window or in-game debug console (which can be opened with the ~\` key).  If you're using the desktop app, you'll need to launch RPG in a Box outside of the app in order to see the external console window.

Thanks, I appreciate the support! The only assets that you would be able to export to another engine currently are individual models. The Voxel Editor allows you to export model frames to the MagicalVoxel format (.vox), which you could potentially import into another program.

Thank you! Are there any specific icons you'd like to see added?

Yes, that is normal. It's currently just a small experimental demo game for RPG in a Box, so there are still a lot of features remaining to be implemented.

Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it! :) I do hope to make it into a full game eventually, once RPG in a Box has progressed more and I have some more time to dedicate to this game.

Hi BifTek, thanks for the interest! Multiplayer is not currently supported in RPG in a Box.

This was made with RPG in a Box (which itself was made with Godot).

Haha, yep it is! Thanks! :D

Hey Quantum Sheep, thanks! It's good to hear from you! :)