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Reap - Throw spells to Slow things down

A topic by Alienplay created 68 days ago Views: 144 Replies: 5
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Reaping Pace is my entry for Ludum Dare 44 game jam. It's a puzzle platforming game with an interesting mechanic. 

You can throw spells to take life or give life to anything that moves. When something is 'out of life' it moves a lot slower and vice versa.
A lot of players thought that the idea behind Ripped the Life is cool so I decided to work on it throughout the next month and make it into a full web game.

You can play the original LD game here:

Here's what I plan to change:

- Levels - I'll add more levels and polish the existing ones
- Color pallet - I think the current one is nice but I'd still like to change it a bit
- Character animations - As of now the game is really dull without any animations so I have to add that

I hope you'll follow along. I'll post more frequently on my Twitter page so follow me there if you haven't already.

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Hey everyone!

First of all, I renamed my new game to Reaping Pace. Previous name sounded a bit too harsh in my opinion, and also, this new name illustrates the actual gameplay better.
In my previous devlog I said that I'd like to change the color pallet of this game. I managed to achieve that this week 
and, in my opinion, this new one is just way better.

I already managed to make more than 20 levels for it. It's great that this part of development (level design) has taken less time than for my previous projects. 
This way I should have more time for polishing and playtesting.
Here's an interesting way I'm using 'slow fall' mechanic in Reaping Pace:

I realized that if you slow down your fall you can jump further. I think this can be a cool puzzle element in the game. It's very simple mechanic and I like it a lot 
because of that.

Overall, the game is coming up very nicely. I'm quite satisfied with the progress. Hopefully, next week I'll have time to polish up some levels, probably add some new ones,
and also playtest the game.
Also, my the original game (Ripped the Life) is doing pretty well in the Ludum Dare competition. It has more than 40 ratings received and I got a lot of valuable feedback
in the comments as well.

I hope you like the game so far and Thank you for reading this devlog!

You can follow me on Twitter or here on Itch if you're interested in following the development of this game.

Hi everyone!

I'm close to completing Reap. So, to make sure that everything works fine, I'll do some closed testing for it.
If you're interested in participating contact me here:
or just comment on this devlog.

I'll leave you with a couple of GIFs from Reap:

Thank you for reading this devlog!

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Hey everyone!

Ludum Dare 44 is over and my game ("Reap", originally "Ripped The Life") has won 135th place in the competition. I'm very happy with that result! :D

LD 44 Game Jam Results

LD 44 Game Jam Results

As I've planed, I've taken some time to polish up the game a little bit.

I made a simple fix to spell shooting mechanic. Basically, gravity does not affect the spells in any way anymore which means that their movement is much more predictable. Hopefully this will make the game less frustrating for the player.

Also, given that the Grim Reaper looked a bit weired when walking and seemed floaty when jumping I decided  that it's time to change his animations. 
Here's the new running animation I've made for him:
Grim Reaper new running animation

Grim Reaper - New running animation

If you're interested in making similar pixel art animations you can check out this tool here on Itch:

One thing I've noticed with these new animations is that the Grim Reaper is now looking like his wearing pajamas XD
Grim Reaper looks like his wearing pajamas

Grim Reaper looks like his wearing pajamas

Thanks for reading this devlog! If you have any feedback or suggestions, make sure to comment down bellow and let me know! :)

Hey everyone!

I haven't posted anything in a while (sorry about that) so I just want to let you know that "Reap" is going to be released tomorrow (6/16/2019).

Reap is a 2D puzzle platformer in which to throw spells to slow things down. It will feature 24 levels that award thoughtful playing, skill and patience.

It is going to be available on here Itch, make sure to follow me to get notified.

Reap is now released and you can try it out! :D

Play it at:

Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback. I would really appreciate that. Thanks!