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Hey everyone!

Ludum Dare 44 is over and my game ("Reap", originally "Ripped The Life") has won 135th place in the competition. I'm very happy with that result! :D

LD 44 Game Jam Results

LD 44 Game Jam Results

As I've planed, I've taken some time to polish up the game a little bit.

I made a simple fix to spell shooting mechanic. Basically, gravity does not affect the spells in any way anymore which means that their movement is much more predictable. Hopefully this will make the game less frustrating for the player.

Also, given that the Grim Reaper looked a bit weired when walking and seemed floaty when jumping I decided  that it's time to change his animations. 
Here's the new running animation I've made for him:
Grim Reaper new running animation

Grim Reaper - New running animation

If you're interested in making similar pixel art animations you can check out this tool here on Itch:

One thing I've noticed with these new animations is that the Grim Reaper is now looking like his wearing pajamas XD
Grim Reaper looks like his wearing pajamas

Grim Reaper looks like his wearing pajamas

Thanks for reading this devlog! If you have any feedback or suggestions, make sure to comment down bellow and let me know! :)