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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Slave Market doesn't update the list of available slaves

A topic by terminusz created 74 days ago Views: 284 Replies: 11
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When I sell my slave at the market it will be on the list of available slaves for purchase but after that the list wont update and stays the same  this bug is been in the game for some time now though in the previous versions i ould just close the game and reopen it and it would been changed but now this method isn't working anymore. What should I do?

To reset the slave listing, you'll need to buy every slave so that it's empty, and then reload the game. Some things are persistant upon loading saves, and the slave list is one of them. Buying all the slaves forces the game to make a new list after a new load.

Strictly speaking, the previous versions were bugged when they reset the slave list. If you don't want sold slaves to clutter the guild list you can release cheap slaves instead of selling them, quicksell captured slaves in town before you take them to your mansion (via control), sell the slaves in Gorn or Frostford, and so on.

Is there a price difference when you quicksell your captured slave or is it the same as if you sold it from your mansion?

Slaves quicksell for 1/2 the gold as they do at the guild and no mansion upgrade points.

I already bought all the slaves and only my sold slaves are there. Is there no way to reset it somehow?

You need to buy ALL the slaves in the slave list in order for it to reset, the point is to empty the list. Simply reload the same save file after purchasing everyone in the slave list, do not save, and the game will make a random new list next time you load the save.

It didnt work

Every day there is a small chance(proportional to the number of slaves)that slaves will be removed from a guild list. If the number of slaves drops below 6 then there is a small chance that a new slave will be added. If the number of slaves drops below 4 then the guild is guaranteed to gain at least one more slave. To reset the guild slaves, there must be less than 2 slaves and you must restart(save, quit to main menu, and load may work)

So you say that i should wait and the game eventually will remove my sold slaves from the list and replace them?

I'm simply stating the mechanics of the game so that you can decide how you want to play. Waiting seems to be the intended approach, but if you want to play differently I don't mind.

Oh no, i just didnt know about this mechanism and though it was a bug. Thanks for the info :).