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Improved Random Portraits. 
Any others? Maybe some of the smaller ones, but I wouldn't bet on it.  Aric's mod changes and adds a LOT.

Hell yes!  I'd love to collaborate and see what you've done. New items and races are tricky, and I haven't even tried tackling them yet. If you've got 'em working and tied in with Aric's that's awesome. Come join the discord and hit me up.  I'll fill you in on current plans and we can joint-coax Aric into updating (he's almost there, just needs more time and a little push :]  )

I did make some unique traits (I think Hard Worker was one of them) available in general and also made some of them automatically bestowed on certain subspecies.

If in doubt, make it a variable.  

Also Aric's updating to 1.0d now, so if you think it'll make a big difference just wait a couple weeks or so.

These are pretty cool mods SandDust!  I had some similar ideas concerning toxicity and maturing (though thought to tie in differently), but never got around to implementing.  Please let me know if you incorporate Ank's core comments and do share again.  If it's alright with you, I might work with Aric to incorporate in the future. 

send me a copy of the save; it'll help me work on a fix.

Ok, that's a lot to unpack. 

On fur/skin coverage, wing colors, etc., etc., one issue is that I (and I'm not the only one) wig out when my description doesn't match the body/portrait so I end up manually assigning them all. So adding even more specific descriptions isn't a clear win. Good news though, there're folks on the discord working up a really cool sprites-based approach to auto-generating bodies and portraits (the art is a good ways along anyhow) which would make detailed descriptions, adding patterns and part coloring, etc. work splendidly with some work. I will try working on some of the things you bring up at some point (like why display skin color if they have fullbody fur?).

Another thing to consider is slave guild quests that look for certain colors need work too if you monkey with them a lot, depending.

There's a neat little game called Niche I got on Steam a long while ago. Basically you control a pack of animals with genetics (including fur patterns) and breed them to suit different environments/predators as you travel from one island to another.  I have half a mind to go full on dominant/recessive genetic traits on Strive with dominant race controlling what genes actually get expressed (fur pattern never gets expressed on fur-less npcs for example), but that idea will probably get a low priority on the ever-growing list to be honest.

I'm aware of most of those bugs. I thought I'd fixed the last one with stats that balloon a long time ago.  When did you DL?

Give me a link where I can get the files and I'll add it to the list. I've been talking with Aric recently (don't count him out yet!) and he wants to introduce a set of toggles for various content on the next version. This might be a good candidate.

So the problem is that Ralph's isn't really a mod. It's just a directly edited version of the game with Aric's mod already applied. What this means is that if you attempt to Apply Aric's mod, it breaks the game. The solution is to reinstall and then apply whatever mods you want, being careful not to activate and apply Aric's. Instead when you apply Improved Random Portraits mod, only have that one active. I'm not familiar with the Farm Label mod, but if it is compatible with Aric's mod in general, then I expect it probably will work the same. If in doubt, go back to the OP and follow the instructions there step by step and to the letter.

As for saves - if it's from another vanilla or modded game, I'm not sure it will be compatible with Ralph's.

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Thanks for the kind words.  
I'd run into that too though not 3rd instances. I've just been making sure not to invite/capture duplicates for now to avoid screwing anything up. Thanks for the suggestion - that sounds like it should work.

Thanks for the love and bug reports!  I'm up for adding more variety to coloration of various parts, etc. I did some already with hair and eyes, but I'm not sure if these changes will make it into updated Aric's just because I don't want to screw up Improved Random Portraits users. Maybe we can do an expanded color palette option as a toggle so the player can choose default or expanded color palettes for parts (on the whole or a la carte), hair, fur, scales, wings, etc.

I've never worked in Unity, and as a coder I'm kind of lazy (when I'm trying to do something new, sometimes I know there's a better way, but...). I'd love to contribute, make suggestions, and help out generally, but you'll need someone better at code to lay a solid, efficient groundwork and fully implement. Once a framework is largely in place (for whichever system) and adding content is mostly copy/paste/edit, I'd be pretty handy for fleshing out extensive branching and procedurally generated content.  I can't get enough of games where every playthrough is different.  :]


I just noticed "Wimborn Palace".  Nice reference.    ;]

I understand the code is a mess, but it's available on github. I don't think there'd be anything wrong with coding your own version with that as a guide though. Definitely give it a try, LT is impressive in several respects including the procedurally generated parts as well but limited in others (like the combat system). I've got a lot of thoughts on this from modding, playing, and helping out with writing on a couple games. If we've got some similar goals for a game, I'd be interested in helping with your project if/when you get to that point.

I've had trouble with file sharing permissions settings before that felt like black magic to me (I never could figure out the inconsistencies after looking it up and trying over and over again). That was after wiping my HDD and reinstalling Windows as well - so same premise as you have.  Thankfully my issue wasn't with Strive at least and I did get a workaround that's still "working" for me. Anyhow, I'm glad you got it working.

Weird!  Maybe it's permissions somehow afterall.  Glad you figured out a workaround in any case.  If you're playing on a pc, I wonder if you'd have the same issue working off a 2nd HDD.

Looks promising!  I love the procedural aspect for this sort of game.  I don't know what you have planned for the sex system, but if you could combine a combat system like in Strive with a sex system like in Lilith's Throne, you'd be my new god!

no it should work just like Aric's premerged.  I changed/added content, but I left the structure and mechanics alone.

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Huh, sounds like it should work fine... Still I'd listen to Ank.  He's the expert.

Maybe the folder restrictions, like Ank said?  Where did you install the main game folder?  Try another location?

huh... well you could be out of my experience for sure then so I don't know if this helps, but have you reinstalled all the various software needed to play a variety of games? Latest DirectX, etc., etc.?  If it's related to your reboot and your installing correctly, that all that comes to mind for me, but I'm not certain what things might actually affect a game like Strive using Godot.  I'll call over the experts to take a look.

I'd recommend reinstalling from scratch. You shouldn't have to do anything remotely like that if it's installed correctly.  For Ralph's the premerged & preinstalled modded copy just needs its two folders moved (the one to appdata/roaming, and the main game folder it doesn't matter where you put it), then you run Strive.exe and start a new game (do not Apply mods or take any other actions). See the OP for instructions and follow them with zero additional steps until after you verify it works (there's a step for that).

Cool, then it doesn't count as cheating one bit for you to start as a Harpy. sweet_leonardo_good_for_you_meme1 - lovequotesmessages

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Glad to hear it!  Starts with rare species is disabled so that you have to search for them to breed the special combos/subspecies, but if you want to enable a specific one here's how:

1) Open your Strive main game folder and navigate to \files\scripts\characters\

2) Open in Notepad++ or whatever you have to open text files

3) Ctrl+f and search for the race you want (eg. Harpy)

4) After "Harpy = {" there'll be a line that says "startingrace = false,"    Just change that false to true  and save

5) Start a new game and Harpy will now be available from the beginning

be extra careful not to add/delete any tabs or spaces while you're in or the whole game might crash instead when you try to play

~2/3 recipes for subspecies are given through slave guild quests. The remaining recipes are either easy to guess, likely to be stumbled on by accident, or hinted at in Race Descriptions (accessed by clicking on Elf or Dragonkin or similar in the character description).

can you give an example in gameplay of when this is happening (for example when you use learning points to boost a mental stat)?  I have not experienced this in my playthroughs recently (thought I fixed where it had been happening prior to releasing).

You're right, I only updated the main file.  Thanks for pointing it out.

you're quite welcome.  I would never have bothered trying my hand at modding if it wasn't for the added satisfaction I get from folks enjoying the effort I put into it.  Improving my own playthroughs wouldn't have been near enough on its own.

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Happens to everybody at some point.  Here's a new to replace the last one to fix ever-plumping lips as well.  I made it so males just got their dad's lips and females/futas got their mom's or +/- 1 level (so up or down one size or stay the same as mom).

so here's what I did: the code has a for loop that goes through each race and baby gets 0.5 x (mom's%  + dad's %).  The problem was if one parent had for example 1%, then 0.5*(1+0)=0.5 which always got rounded up to 1%.  I added an if statement so that 1/2 the time it would be the same [0.5 x (mom's%  + dad's %)] and the other 1/2 of the time it would instead us 0.499999 x (mom's%  + dad's %) which would round down so in the same example with one parent with 1%, then 0.499999*(1+0)=0.4999999 which rounds to zero.

how it should work: 50/50 chance of one of the 1%'s going away on breeding.  25% chance they both go away and you get your pure-blooded offspring.  

Note it will also come into effect for any odd % (3, 5, 7, ... ,99).  There's code afterward that already should deal with %'s over or under 100% btw.  

I'll take a shot at fixing the ever-growing lips tomorrow.

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This will make it so it will be a 50/50 chance for that 1% race to be inherited when breeding (it was always rounding up from 0.5).  Just replace your with this one (in your Ralph's main game folder  under \files\scripts\character\ ).  I tested through 1 conception and birth and it worked, but if you're up to it go ahead and try it and let me know if you have any issues.

I believe it just takes half from each parent... maybe with 99% it rounds up so you never get a purebreed again.  Let me check and try to randomize it a just a little more.  In your example, if one parent is 98% Arachne, you'll definitely get max 49% Arachne from that parent though as is.  I want the breeding to be fairly predictable so players can predict the %'s for the offspring in order to target certain hybrids, etc.

Good questions:
- breed a 99% hybrid with  a pureblood and get pure children?
Yes, 50/50 chance.

-can mutation give a character the grateful trait or be born with it without breeding with one who has it

No, I made it so the only way to get Grateful was on existing unique characters or by breeding them. Also when breeding for Mental traits, if the offspring is 'child' they won't inherit them, if growth is accelerated to 'teen' there's a chance, and if growth is accelerated to 'adult' they will usually inherit them.  Lore-wise, this is a biproduct of how long the sentient mind has to develop during the accelerated growth employed by the dimensional crystal.  

All that said, if you want to tweak it so that Grateful is a possibility in either case, you could without much effort.  Heck, mutate isn't an implausible way for that to happen.  If you'd like I can make that tweak happen and upload.

no sweat at all. I hope you enjoy the game and the mod!

Don't worry scro. there's lots of tards out there living ...

Best to just delete and recopy the main game folder from the .zip file again - should fix it.

I don't think my tweaks would cause that and I have played female/futa MC's with several births without noticing that (though I usually tend to keep them pregnant as often as I can, since they don't become unavailable after giving birth like npcs). It used to be in Aric's 9.6 with pregnancy accelerated that perpetual preg could happen to any female/futa b/c sperm life could exceed the pregnancy period, but I believe it was fixed (still possible to mess it up by playing with the constants though in the scripts).  If you try to accelerate to have them give birth immediately, it will break the game easily (don't know if that's your issue), so I always accelerate to 3 days and things work fine for me. Does any of that help? I'd rather not try to mod a workaround if your issue can be solved without it.

Thanks and glad you got it working!  My contribution was tiny compared to Aric and his compared to Maverick and co. though.  :]

yeah, you need to reinstall.  Start with Ralph's (follow the instructions in the OP religiously).  I don't know for sure that any other mods are compatible aside from Improved Random Portraits (and it needs to be a version with Drow).  Key to applying other mods is to make sure Aric's Mod is NOT selected when you apply it.  Then close the game and run it again.  See details on installing Improved Random Portraits on the OP as well.

I've see that behavior from the game when there was a major disagreement between scripts (usually when I made a mistake while tinkering with them). In your case, I know I sound like a broken record, but I'd try a clean install first b/c that's nearly always the problem when people experience game breaking bugs with my version. Follow the instructions on the original post above for the install to the letter and not a step more and let me know if you get errors or it works please.