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Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you play as a forgotten god set on destroying the world. · By Artur Smiarowski

Linux build?

A topic by MartensCedric created May 05, 2019 Views: 320 Replies: 6
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Looks cool but I am only running Debian. Is there any chance of a Linux build?


It should be doable and I'll give it a try at some point, but I can't promise anything yet. :)

I haven't been able to verify this yet, but I've heard Soulash works very well under wine 4.6 if anyone is interested in trying it on Linux.


Hi !

If you do a native build i'd be happy to play/test it on Linux.


Would love a Mac build at some point too if possible. Windows works for now though!

+1 for a Linux build.

Love the look of this game, and I suspect many other Linux users would as well.

For sure. But I'd have no problem using Proton through Steam (hint hint).