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Ok then, the ban is lifted. ;)

It's still far away, I'm afraid. I think we can get that ban lifted, you think you'll be able to avoid trouble? :)

You can try using Device Manager to update drivers, or check in the driver manager what hardware you have and get the latest drivers manually from official pages, for example, the CSR Bluetooth should be this one and Realtek maybe this one, but I'm not sure

I'm not sure about other games that use SDL 2, and I don't know about buffers or latency changes in the files.

Hey wolfengange, great to see you again. :)
I'm afraid I don't have the hardware to try to reproduce the issue, and it's the first time this issue has been reported, have you checked if all drivers are updated? I'll look around the net, maybe something related to the SDL2 library.

I know vito, I hope you're doing well too


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Hey Joshi, you might get a lot more help on our Discord, there are plenty of players happy to share their experience on strategies and spoilers channel. :)

What I usually do early is clear a small area that will become my base of operation, so I have a place to rest, dump crafting materials and plan my next move. It can be a cave, a village, or something like that. Try to rest as often as you can, that unicorn or a bear can be your doom, but if you're ready for the danger, are relatively rested, and have a known path of escape it's much easier to survive. Since you already get to level 3 you probably know some professions have an easier start than others, since some can kite like nomads, inquisitors, or poachers, while a berserker can start with huge damage and just needs to watch out for his health until some tougher ranged enemies show up. Escaping takes a bit of getting used to, as it requires some understanding of how to use your surroundings (hiding behind trees or bushes, or in darkness).

One thing that's quite important to know about Soulash is that there are no respawns during the game. The world is generated, a few enemies may show up later on, but other than that the world is created and once you kill some enemies, only the other existing ones may wander into an area, however by clearing a couple of regions nearby you can set up a safe place to plan ahead.

It's still a work in progress, if you need help with something specific the best place to get help is the modding channel on our discord.

Last year we had a Factions system in our Kickstarter stretch goals that was supposed to introduce something like this, but the Kickstarter failed and we no longer can take the game in that direction, that would require a complete redesign of everything in it. It doesn't make sense for this character to run errands for mortals or gods, there's no point in trading since everything belongs to you. A lot of the questions you asked here should be answered as you level up and read the character monologues and dialogues with the NPCs. 

Factions, trading, and discussions are something that I plan to have at the core of a sequel however, it will lean more into RPG stuff like this.

Ok, I'm glad it works now, let me know if the issue comes back. Enjoy the game. :)

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Hey Bioweeb, is there anything present in the "logs/errors.log" file?
Can you verify an antivirus didn't block the game due to a false positive scan?
Does a window show up to report a crash?

Hey Jonasz, the game does save on exit, what version are you using? How are you exiting?

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The dex build with dumping points into endurance - that's one of the reasons to keep durability where it is. Endurance gives a nice bonus to health as soon as you add it and on every level above that, but the cost is low damage and the experience that you described. That tradeoff is by design, you choose if you want to make it harder early for a bonus later on.

The bonus stats still apply but are not shown on the leveling screen (just like bonuses from items, or abilities).

It's not possible to change the way durability works, but it's possible to remove it completely or change its value on every item. There are quite a number of people on our Discord that have fun with the editors and there's basic documentation in Soulash/data/docs/index.html in the game folder if you need help with modding.

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Hey Keinname7, thanks for the feedback. Regarding some of your points:

- Some gods give powers (new abilities), and others can affect the game positively or negatively, for example allowing to craft indestructible items, or removing fatigue from the game completely.
- The dagger/knife breaking, I assume you're not a dex-based character, which might be the reason for such a slow fight with low damage. Daggers and Spears scale with dexterity for damage if they do physical damage (int in case of magic damage). You can see details about your weapon damage and scaling in the equipment screen under the "Combat" tab.
- Stamina regen is increased with willpower, so if you invest some it only takes one rest to refill to full. Endurance reduces fatigue gain as well when resting.

Looks like you resolved that situation. :)

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You will need to enable the graphics mod in the main menu -> Mods -> Select Core GFX while Core is already selected, new game will start with pixelart graphics.

I hope so too, the Steam keys are already uploaded to Itch, I'll email everyone on Friday. :)

Thanks :)

Thanks Marot, I hope you'll enjoy it even more! :)

Corpse explosion doesn't have a chain reaction, it started working on zombies and skeletons and has no cooldown. Chain reaction would be way too strong. :)

Thank you vito, I can't wait to see your mods on Steam Workshop :)

Have fun. :)

I can't blame you, I've been buffing the ASCII with features and playing it for years, but the pixelart done by our artist fits way too well. :)

I would love to put the game on GOG, but unfortunately, my attempt was met with crickets. Maybe after a successful Steam launch, they would be more willing to have us.

Thanks, blightor! We've come a long way since the game landed on Itch... :)

The only containers available are for liquid - goatskin for example.

Repairing armor is done the same way as weapons, it's done this way for simplicity.

Hey Jonny, there are limited ways to repair equipment and it takes away 10 max durability. You can either find a single-use whetstone (Fallen Knight also starts with one) or find a Grindstone in one of the locations for unlimited repairs.

I've recently finished the game with Necromancer and made appropriate tweaks in v0.7.2 (a few small ones are yet to come). I'm happy about the early, mid, and late game of the Necromancer now. Skeletons provide enough of a meatshield until the very end (while not making your character do whatever it pleases without thinking) and the new Corpse Explosion working on zombies and skeletons make them very viable for big damage (and corpse explosion has no cooldown). I don't plan any more buffs to necromancers in 1.0, other than some AI tweaks.

I think minions would be too strong if they scaled, especially the permanent ones that have no limits like zombies and skeletons. They still serve as meatshields in the late game, and I think I'll add corpse explosion synergy so zombies can be exploded, but I don't want a horde of zombies to be effective against gods or late-game bosses.

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Guys if you feel strongly about durability being an issue, there's a mod on our Discord channel that removes durability from all items. It's available in pinned messages on the #modding channel. From what I heard it takes 15 minutes to modify all items if you just want to double or triple it instead.

I will want to keep deteriorating items because that's how the game is balanced, there's tons of loot, even artifacts are not extremely rare, they can be crafted too, but everything is temporary. That being said, I'll do more testing with the bows and daggers, because it's true that bows on AI come into play around level 3, and before that, the only way to get them is crafting primitive bows or having a lucky find in random stashes. There's only one enemy type early that has iron daggers and the situation is similar with craftable stone daggers. I'll play around more with Poachers and Nomads to see how I can improve this, but if you have some interesting suggestions where enemies could have useful early items for these professions, I would love to hear it.

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Isn't there plenty of bone weapons, scythes, hatchets, and swords in the early game? I like to play the Berserker often and didn't notice this issue. Sure, the hand axes break pretty soon but they are too strong for the early game anyway and should not last too long. :)

Did I? I'll check, maybe it bugged out when I removed fatigue for zombies.

Ok, that makes more sense. Arcane barrage has a high weapon damage percent scaling, so if the elven spellsinger rolled a very strong weapon it could have the effect you described. Thanks for the clarification!

Spellsingers have a sight range of 10 tiles without infravision, so nothing special. All enemies, just like you described, don't chase after a couple of turns, but they don't return home at all. They wander around or do some specific activities. I think you might have been unlucky so that the spellsinger simply wandered off in the same direction and found you.

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Hey necrophile7, thanks for the feedback. I'm afraid there's not much I can do with it however, maybe you could clarify some things for me? Here's a couple tips and explanations, I hope it will help you.

The 16th elf, I understand you mean you killed 15 elven villagers and huntsman in Anheluna which is a level 3 area, then you went toward Shadowbane and meet level 6 Elven Spellsinger? If so, the power difference is expected. The second elven location is optional and very difficult due to strong magic damage. You can determine if enemies are too powerful for you (higher level) by reading their tooltip. There's a colored sentence that describes the difference, orange and red mean they are probably stronger. Also, the damage difference may indicate that you have high endurance and physical resistances but low willpower and magic resist. In that kind of build, mages will melt your character.

The running away, there are many options in the game to escape. Early on it may be difficult (in levels 1 - 2) because the areas are packed with enemies and until you can clear space to rest it can be problematic. After a few levels, you can acquire many abilities that can help you out, like nomads' quick step that speeds you up, fallen knight lunge, berserker charge, or inquisitor intimidate. Even the grow tree ability can be used to escape. However, escaping some characters like centaurs, or elven grey watchers may be impossible - and that's fine. The game will not offer a "get out of jail" free card in every situation. Some part of the outcome of the battle will be decided by how well you've prepared for it, or where you engaged the enemy.

Rotating takes 0.2 turns, so having control of that has gameplay implications.

No such plans at the moment, but who knows, maybe if the current list of tasks gets trimmed. It's possible to mod new professions, so hopefully, we'll get some cool ones created by other players. :)

I think it works well as is and a complete rewrite wouldn't be worthwhile, but I understand why you prefer the race choice. Maybe one day I'll add a way to mod abilities for races, but that might be tricky too, the way it is implemented right now.

Ah, Tibia, good times. :) The best way to help right now is to spread the word about the game and add some extra content through modding editors in the game. After the 0.7 release, the Steam Workshop will be very high on my list.

Yes, I plan to send the Steam keys on release. Sorry for the confusion.

Right now I'm thinking about using numpad as an alternative movement, and rotating as you move automatically. Adding a key like the shift to rotate instead might be a good idea if you just want to take a look.