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Hey qwFaTE, the controls are this way because the game is designed so that we don't see what's behind. Rotation also progresses time by 0.2 of regular movement so it adds a little extra choice, spend half a turn to see what's behind or start running. In most roguelikes, you have 360 vision so the Numpad movement makes more sense. Rotation and limited vision is an important part of Soulash since the very beginning, and I don't plan to change that. 

I think I can add an alternative for A and D keys to behave differently in the options though, so I'll add it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

Not yet I'm afraid, we released the gfx demo just 2 days ago and we're planning to add the full tileset support in the 1.0 version of the full game next year.

Yeah, Windows has its moments. :) I'm glad it worked out, enjoy the game!

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That's very weird. Have you tried restarting your PC? Maybe an AntiVir blocked the exe?

Can you check the task manager if the Soulash process starts at all?

Can you check if you have anything inside Soulash\logs\errors.log file? This sort of thing sometimes happened due to a missing asset file. Could you try downloading the game again through the itch app

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Hey Kreen. Go to C:\Users\{your_user}\AppData\Roaming\WizardsOfTheCode\Soulash\data\user_settings.json and change properties:

"viewport": {

        "resolution": {

            "h": 1050,

            "w": 1680



You can also rename the file and it will be recreated with default values on game start,

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Hey blightor, great to hear from you again. Itch will keep receiving the same updates as Steam and I'll send steam keys to everyone who own the game here when 1.0 releases next year. Don't worry, I appreciate everyone who purchased the game and went along for the ride, you won't be left behind. :)

You're covered in blood (hold shift and look at yourself, you will have that info).

It doesn't do anything yet other than a roleplay element. You can clean yourself up with "x" hotkey when near water source (river or well).

Hey conuil. Click on the skill in the skill book then click on the skill bar at the bottom of the screen to assign a key to it. Then you can either us the key or click the ability on the bar to use it.

Oddly enough I had some ideas floating in my head trying to look for a way to include multiplayer into a turn-based roguelike. Maybe one day.

It should be placed in your inventory (or dropped but picked up) unless you can't carry enough weight.

Nice start warkow. A couple of things that could improve the guide:

  • Drinking water is "n" by default. 
  • The "y" key can be used to close the door too.
  • Small "r" is for resting, while "R" (shift + r) is for sleeping.

I'm afraid I won't be able to maintain a wiki for now, so if you're willing to give it a shot, that would definitely help.


Cooking might need a little more time in the oven ;)

Right now you should be able to cook meat if you're close to a campfire. You will likely need a cooking tool (iron pot for example). You should be able to cook meat this way. Other things will require you to find recipes, but cooking ones are only available at random in different parts of the world.

Hey Jumpyfoot. Movement and rotation are tied to turns or fraction of turns (ie, rotation progresses time) and some things in the game are tied to this mechanic. Pressing numpads to rotate and move would be more confusing since rotation 180 degrees to move back would take about 2 turns.

If you're having trouble with orientation, try skipping strafe buttons (A & D) and stick to moving forward and backward (W & S), and rotating left and right when needed (Q & E). Using just rotations should be simple enough.

Hey Trazen4, do you mean that when you reach full health during action "rest until healed" ends with the fatigued message in the log?

Thanks for the reports, I'll resolve it in the next hotfix.

Unfortunately, the wiki is gone.

Ability usage, including spellcasting, uses weapon durability as well. Most abilities benefit from stronger weapons for damage calculation.

You can either get more damage from stats (dex for daggers physical damage) or craft more weapons for replacement, although if it takes up to 3 daggers for a single kill it seems your damage might be too low.

I've already tried to have it always on, but it's too distracting and covers too much of the screen.

AD 1. I'm not sure what you mean. Isn't Keypad 5 the same as KP 5?

AD 2. You can craft a goatskin, fill it with blood, and drink when you need to. :)

It's the first thing you see in the message console (and movement). I believe there is already a tutorial about looking as well. :)

Glad to hear Adam, hope you'll enjoy the game. :)

Everything is great so far :)

Actually, I plan to work even more. And I'm working on getting another person to work on Soulash this year, so expect more than ever. :)

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Not sure what's up, seems wiki got removed with my account and I haven't been notified. :)

Better equipment has more durability. The idea behind the equipment system in Soulash is to eventually replace anything so that a single great drop doesn't lock a slot for most of the game. You can always craft more items as you learn recipes, including the best rarity items.

Some affixes that can roll on gear can add extra durability, but otherwise, there is no way to improve it.

Hey Mushuukyou, it might be that backpack item is prioritized over map item when deciding which tool to use for a given action. I'll look into improving that and the usage of repair in the backpack, thanks for letting me know!

As for the stationary tools for crafting, it's not available yet. It will probably come with building mechanics at some point.

Resting does that. You can do it even if you have max stamina.

Hey DragonSlayerBirth, you might be able to find a potion that recovers stamina, but it's mostly resting. I haven't tried, but you might be able to assign numpad 5 as resting in settings.

Will be fixed in v0.5.0.3

Thanks for report plaguevictim69. Fixes for duplicated abilities in the skill book will be available in v0.5.0.3 today.

Hey wolfengange,

I managed to take some time and test this, but I can't seem to reproduce. I've tested the combinations you mentioned with game restart and I have a similar rig to yours (with GTX 970). You don't have a similar issue in any other game?

Thanks for the save file, I got it sorted. There was an issue with AI after it decided to drop the artifact bow to punch you :)

 I'll deploy the fix in today.

Might be something on my end then. The patch is available, let me know of it helped.

It turns out a chicken tried to get to a house but couldn't open the door, so it got stuck. ;)

I'm not sure why, but your save is corrupted, it doesn't look serious, only the "discovered world" directory seems to be missing. If you create an empty folder named "discovered_world" inside your save you should be able to play it again.

The rain issue is patched in v0.5.0.2.

The issue will be resolved in v0.5.0.1, should be available in the next hour. AI entities got stuck on rotations when attempting to move between z-levels.

Hey plaguevictim69, thanks for the report.

Slowdown issues may be a result of bugged AI stuck on some processing. Can you send me the save directory to It should be under C:/Users/{your user}/AppData/Roaming/WizardsOfTheCode/Soulash/saves

Thanks for report plaguevictim69, I'll patch it up in 5.0.1.