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No worries, I value constructive criticism and I agree with you that the game needs more difference between runs. This will be one of the things I will be tackling in v0.4 with events and better modding support. After v0.3 there will be a lot more options to change maps and that can open up a way to more procedural generation on top of them. 

There is one advantage of two-handed weapons you didn't mention, which is abilities. All abilities hit chance is 100%, and they scale off the main hand weapon.

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I would like to expand the system eventually by adding cooking and some effects to the food and I'll tackle things you mentioned too. Trolls, orcs, goblins definitely will be able to eat people at some point in the future without negative effects.

Butchering and skinning is specifically set up like this to force a choice, as corpses are a limited resource in the game.

Second new feature - weather effects. As usual, configurable through modding. The first version of rain is ready, but I'll probably refine it further before v0.3 release. These weather effects can apply some negative status to the characters not hidden below a roof.

This sounds a bit complicated. If I have 2 spells on the same level and I don't pick one I can pick it on next level, yes? If I have 2 of such spells on every level I don't have enough slots on level 5. :)

I like the system of single path for a profession and possibility to have a different ability from other professions. I would like to grow it by adding more unique professions as "paths" you mentioned. I'm not sure how to integrate your idea into the game without breaking this.

You can read this about how much of the world is loaded (and can be affected by one spell) currently:

I'm not gonna say no to world changing spells, but there is a lot to think about how to deal with these. Discussion and ideas are welcome, but it's not going to be possible before v0.5 at least.

It's doable, I added that to the list. It requires quite a bit of rework for the ability system, so probably not sooner than v0.4

Good suggestion, thanks. I'll need some time to figure out how discord works. :)

It helped a lot. Thanks!

I found the cause, it will be fixed in the next patch.

Hey Eduardolicious,

Currently there is no way to change the font outside the game, but I'll put it high on my priority list. Is all of the text hard to read, or just in some specific places?

There is a Spinning Wheel on the 1st level of the keep south east and a few in the Capital in some houses.

There are no plans for a repair system, but there may be a sporadic and hard to get one-time use items that repair stuff. It is done that way by design. Every item is supposed to be temporary and should be replaced at some point.

I remember at least one being in the capital and one in the keep south east from starting zone.

That's how it should work, casting damaging abilities reduce weapon durability just like a regular attack.

I'm afraid there are no plans for Steam release any time soon.

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1. Some additional areas like a cemetery, mausoleums, etc., sounds good, but probably not too soon. When I implement events, this might be something that happens randomly in a new game. I often mention orcs raiding the village and wiping it out before you come.

2. It's possible. I'll have to think about it if this is a good improvement. Walking around with undead dragons would probably either be too overpowering or too underwhelming.

3. I think overall, the choice of how to use the corpse is a good thing for the necro. Blood, food, leather, zombie, an abundance of bodies would render this decision irrelevant, and I would prefer that not be the case.

4. Probably too time-consuming to be possible for this year, but it might be a good improvement someday.

5. I'll change the tooltip.

6. Exploding corpses should be possible right now without any changes. It's like a current explosion, but targets and consumes body so it would be quite easy to add. Right now it's possible to mod new abilities that could spawn different things (like different types of zombies). Probably even consume a specific kind of corpse, but I'm not sure. So creating a skeleton dragon from a dragon corpse is a possible ability. The issue would be combining that into a single skill to work differently for different types of bodies. That would need to be coded for that particular ability, or consume corpse + summon combination (which doesn't sound bad and I might go for it).

7. I agree, throwing whatever you have in your inventory might be fun. I'll have to think about how to implement that in terms of dmg, etc.

There are many minibosses that you will find across the world. They can walk around the world same as other enemies so that you might encounter them in different circumstances. Elves can be tricky early, but amazons and ghouls should be decent targets depending on your character. You could also try the temple near Kabula or go under the mountain to the east when you get to level 3.

In the recent patch v0.2.5, there is now information about the potential enemy power in their description, so you can decide sooner if engaging in combat with someone you see is a good idea.

You could try to ask for some tips for your preferred character on the community boards. A few people already managed to finish the alpha content. I'm not good myself, and my best run without cheating was up to level 4 so far. ;)

There is a staff that can be made from unicorn horn and a shield from unicorn leather, but the recipes might be hard to get.

You can find community boards here, join us there if you have some more questions or would like to just talk about Soulash. :)

Please send, this might be something similar to the old bug where glyphs duplicated.

Oh, I see. I had some thoughts about animating the river, and your suggestion would be a great fit. If I get to it, I'll add the objects moved by water flow too.

The system is done so all liquid types can cover stuff, at least one of the enemies that I remember will have acid instead of blood. The only exception I'll probably make will be water that will clean other liquids and apply wet status.

I'll check it out, thanks.

You heard someone else walk probably.

I will need some more information. What kind of items? Are they equipped? What actions are you doing?

Skipping is not an issue and limit probably around 2,147,483,647 so it should suffice, we will hit another problem of file being too big to edit sooner. In v0.4 there will have to be some kind of system that will allow loading mods from different files and dynamic identifiers applied on top of the main data files.

I have access to a map editor so I have the power to spawn myself where needed, or spawn someone exactly at my location. ;)

Makes sense with the scissors.

You could probably spawn her in the starting zone to meet her sooner and check how she plays out. :)
She looks fun, and well 100% chance for scissors MUST KILL!!!

Added Modding section and moved the topic. I'm gonna check her out tomorrow. Any relation to Silvyra? :)

First new feature - blood. Enemies that have corpses with blood and get hit with physical or true damage will bleed around and cover everything in red liquid, including the player character. Depending on the amount of blood on a tile, color will change as well as glyph and eventually even background.

Soulash community » General · Created a new topic v0.3 preview

I'm starting to devote some time to the v0.3 major "Destruction" patch and I'll be showing some progress on twitter if anyone would like to follow me there. Since some of you might not want to use twitter, but still are interested in what's coming, I decided to throw in new stuff here too. Every comment will be dedicated to a different feature, if anyone would like to leave opinion or suggestion please do so as a reply to one of the features so it will be easier to navigate. Comments done directly to the topic will be removed, if you would like to talk about v0.3 in general this is a better place for that.

Let me know if you get some more questions along the way. Have fun! :)

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Autoequip will try to find an item of the same type that was destroyed and if it can't find it, it will look for something it can replace with starting from the top left going to the right. You can place your weapons in order if you wish specific ones to be replaced first, while the ones you want to save up (tools for example) put at the end of inventory.
There is a message in the log about item being replaced and a sound indicating the autoequip triggered.

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Hehe, I hope these small fries will be the worst of our problems. :)
I'll get it done for the next patch.

Edit: I spoke too soon, thanks for the map files. :)

I'll add it to the list and see if I can fit it in somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion!

I've noticed that too. I don't think there will be a map legend mostly because it's about exploration, the marks are there to guide a little bit with points of interest. There is not much variety in the marks planned. Without the marks it would be too hard to think about where to go in the open world.  I'll change the exclamation mark, it's too close to RPG quest marks and probably that's why it was confusing. 

Mailing is a very good idea also, I've seen it's possible through itch. Thanks!