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Another great update, thanks!

That's a nice run wolf, I can't get last level 2! You should write a tips n tricks guide for us noobs ;) 


In the latest build when on the character creation screen if you hover over willpower you get the tooltip for intelligence, not willpower

I feel like switching between e.g. a bow and an axe to cut trees down every minute is quite tedious at the moment by having to open the inventory and equip it manually. Could we assign a hotkey to an item to fast equip? Or alternatively if we try to do an action that needs a tool just let the character do it without having to equip it first if it's in the inventory? 

Took me a while to figure out I needed to press U to turn the logs into wood too, since to cut tree down, and then the logs down, and the fact you can just walk over the 3rd stage, the inconsistency confused me until I read the tooltip

Would love a Mac build at some point too if possible. Windows works for now though!

Discovered Soulash yesterday after reading about it on Rock Paper Shotgun - really love it! Awesome work, keep it up! I love the graphics and the beautiful blend between the ASCII art style and more modern effects. You've done that really well. It looks fantastic. And the movement scheme is really clever - at first I was confused but figured it out within a few seconds, and then it just felt very natural. This has been something that kept me from playing other rougelikes e.g. Caves of Qud because it was just too annoying/hard to move around for a more casual player. Love the back story too. Great job! Bought my copy this morning :)

Yeah this would make the archer's life easier as I always need to be cutting wood or crafting arrows, but I'm often interrupted by hares or rabbits which I don't want to waste arrows on. So it would be good if it only interrupts you if the moving thing is hostile or the dot turns red or something.

Great update - you fixed my crash report in less than a day - thank you!