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A new way for vector design ! Easy! 路 By Kronbits

Export to SVG file format

A topic by syntaxerrorsoftware created May 03, 2019 Views: 961 Replies: 10
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Hi mate, thanks for the awesome tool :)

Are you going to add in exporting as .svg vector file format?  That would be awesome for making resizable art :)

Hi!, Not planned. You can resize your draw to any size before export.

Actually only have basic features, but shaders, textures and lot of stuff are coming and all that not will be able to export. 


sorry for the necrobump but any plans for 2020 for SVG support? it would be awesome...

Nope Sorry :(

Thanks for the reply mate. I was wondering as we have a Brother Scan N Cut machine at home that can take SVG files and cut them out. I thought I could use your program to design some images and do that if it exports as SVG...

Also, does the export pixelate the image badly like the helmet export screenshot suggested, or does it keep the angled vector lines as best as it can in the final PNG file?

If not, I would have liked SVG export to keep all the nice angled lines :)




You can export the image at any resolution and all will look ok, with no pixelate things. Test demo and export to see the final result.

That image on the store page is the conversion from pixelate to vector, but may confuse so i'm gonna remove o change to be more clear.

OK cool... Thanks mate 馃榿馃憤


This tool need export to vector SVG or another format. This way we can use this tool combined with more other tools.

Use Inkscape to convert PNG to SVG.

...Inkscape only imports .png/other raster formats as layers, not as editable data.

The question was asked for .svg, and svg data, export...where if imported into Inkscape it could be edited as if it were in VecMaker, but with more functionality.

I thought the question was about exporting to .svg, not importing it as well.