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This is awesomeness! Any chance of renaming the individual sprites to proper frame-ordered names instead of hex codes, and having them in a single folder for each type (sprDagger_Attack_Down_A for example)? It's a bit confusing right now...


Once I figure out why my latest version of hexed is crashing, I'm going to upload the final version here :)

Nice Duke Nukem homage :)

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Thou art a pixel genius! :) I love them!

My only "gripe" is having to manually extract them from the format they are in to individual icons :(

Thanks for the comment, I AM going to add NES and Atari examples into the compiler as soon as I work them out lol

ok, thanks for the update...I only just saw you post lol 😆 I will try it 😊 

That's awesome!! Is this in Hi-res bitmap mode?

Hi, I tried SpriteMancer on my Microsoft Surface 5 Pro today, and found that all the fonts are very very very small, and I had trouble reading them. I've not had an issue with other programs and their font sizes...any ideas?

Thanks for the kind words! After I finish my current project Hexed, I will get back to miniMIKE :)

thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!! 😊❤️ It's on the backburner until I finish hexed. I'll then get back to it and debug the issues, and try to get a release done at some point 😊 

Thanks, I've since discovered that and downloaded it 👍😊

I purchased the original Asset Forge ( Do I have to pay again to get Asset Forge 2.x?

I would love to see source code for this game as a learning experience, even if it was in C 😊 I have also made a 3d game for the c64 using a c-like language and a random generated maze, but there were no monsters and you only walked around. Mine used petscii graphics too.

Well done!!

Ok, thanks mate! ❤️❤️

I thought some of those tiles were in your $5 tile set you released a while ago?

Nice 🙂 can you make games using Maluva and sell them? I thought it had a commercial licence or something?

I haven't tried it yet, but it looks great! What program did you use to create this graphical text adventure?

Thanks mate! I will try to remember to tag you 😁

Can you please refrain from posting things not related to seafox? Thanks. 

Yes it is a bit easier with an actual joystick :)

You should put up some example pictures of its use like you did with the other $5 one you released recently...

That's awesome!! I love the tune sooo much too :)

Nice work mate! Damn, that's wicked hard! LOL :)

It's hard, annoying, and lots of fun!! haha :D

Ohh...thanks mate! :)

Looks great!!

I guess so, yeah :)

If I made a game where two characters were jumping around the screen (either static or scrolling) throwing "blasts" at each other to inflict damage, would that count as a fighting game for this compo?

I do have a publisher who wants to put it on tape at some point if I can get my act together and finish it :)

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Wow! Thanks so much for your support mate :)  I appreciate it!!

I'm going to get back to miniMIKE as soon as I can; debugging it and mostly real life has gotten in the way of late :(

That looks just gorgeous!! :)

Thanks for the quick reply mate, sold!! :)

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1. If I use generated content from VecMaker on products like T-shirts, prints, etc. for example, am I able to sell them (including pre-existing content)?

2. If I buy VecMaker, is do I get life-time upgrades without paying more?

Hi SeinRuhe, I have purchased this tileset and converted it to Commodore 64 format.  Here is a video of some of your tileset in action in a platform game called miniMIKE I'm writing for the C64 :) I made my own water animation, but am still using some of your other tiles...

OK cool... Thanks mate 😁👍

Thanks for the reply mate. I was wondering as we have a Brother Scan N Cut machine at home that can take SVG files and cut them out. I thought I could use your program to design some images and do that if it exports as SVG...

Also, does the export pixelate the image badly like the helmet export screenshot suggested, or does it keep the angled vector lines as best as it can in the final PNG file?

If not, I would have liked SVG export to keep all the nice angled lines :)



Hi mate, thanks for the awesome tool :)

Are you going to add in exporting as .svg vector file format?  That would be awesome for making resizable art :)