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Near like…3 months? Sooner? Or ‘near’ like 7-8 months?

Dang, beat me to it.

Formats included are: .PNG Spritesheets

MV/MZ supports spritesheet animations (and has done so since XP…).

Is it by design to not have the wrapper around the Grid stretch to the bottom of the UI? That’s a lot of empty space (and I know it’ll disappear when there is content, but…)

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Yeah I had posted it before noticing there was already an update, I was still on 1.2.

[EDIT] Ah, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, using the Dark theme and a Dark accent was the real issue 😋

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The options to open a project probably should either be set to change their color based on the theme, or be shown under the project title on the left.

  • Also, multi-cursor/multi-line editing (example) in editors would be great…I copy-pasted a project I’d been working on from joplin (markdown) and now I have to go through 60+ MD list items (“- item”) to get the formatting to HTML list. :P
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Looks like I’ll be waiting another 2 years… At the very least Guilded opened their API to the public, so there’s some progress.

Could have included screenshots and explanation of what your "productivity development process" even is....

Hey...spill some beans on Hytale's Modeling tool (can you at least tell us what file formats it will support for import/export?)

You shouldn't have any issues now since the server is back up.

no json? 

"DMVisibility" : "visible",
 "GeneralVisibility" : "hidden" 

Well I'm glad you're looking to supporting multiple platforms and I'll certainly purchase if Guilded support is added, since it's bar far the closest to Discord in functionality and community.

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I can think of Guilded (at least once they open their API), but what other platforms are you hoping to work with?

> [Important] We are no longer given support for Vizzcode but we believe that it may be useful for some people even in this current state, so we are leaving it for free here on Itch.

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"Export your animations into a spritesheet, .GIF or export it by single frames."

It's on the product page...

And after that:

...Inkscape only imports .png/other raster formats as layers, not as editable data.

The question was asked for .svg, and svg data, export...where if imported into Inkscape it could be edited as if it were in VecMaker, but with more functionality.

Isn't there something of some attempt to get the game to run in-browser at some point?

They went to work on Hypixel's upcoming game Hytale.

"Back in 2011, I started working on software called CraftStudio" says Élisée Maurer, who leads development of Hytale Model Maker alongside Nicolas 'Bilou' Gauthier. "The idea was to try to democratize game making by providing really simple tools for players to make their own games - and also make it fun, make it like a game, by providing real-time collaboration."
"That's how I met Bilou" Élisée continues. "He was one of the first people to buy CraftStudio and play with it. Then we did a bunch of game jams together and at some point I figured that maybe we could do something that's a bit more modular, that could go further - and if it worked on the web, that would be awesome."
As Élisée and Bilou began work on this new project, they became aware that the Hytale team were using CraftStudio's modeling tool. "They had started working with just CraftStudio's model editor because it had such a unique visual style and matched what they wanted to do" Élisée says. "But they were limited by what the software could do."
The solution was to bring Élisée and Bilou into the team - and build new software to assist with the development of Hytale. It has now become the toolkit we use to create all of the items, creatures, and animations that you see in-game - and when Hytale launches, you'll be able to use it to create your own.

He must be talking about Hypixel's upcoming game Hytale. Hytale brought on the developer to this app to create similar tools to their game for the same purpose.