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Assemble multi-platform chat bots using puzzle-like blocks · By Piecewise Labs

What other platforms are you expecting to target?

A topic by 0xDragon created Dec 25, 2021 Views: 176 Replies: 3
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I can think of Guilded (at least once they open their API), but what other platforms are you hoping to work with?


Hi! I currently have plans to support Misskey (arriving next update), Matrix, and IRC/ I would also like to investigate adding support for at least Slack, XMPP, and Guilded in the future.

Well I'm glad you're looking to supporting multiple platforms and I'll certainly purchase if Guilded support is added, since it's bar far the closest to Discord in functionality and community.

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Looks like I’ll be waiting another 2 years… At the very least Guilded opened their API to the public, so there’s some progress.