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feels great and love the sfx ;D

It was a lot of fun, art is superb, the sfx added a lot to the experience and love the concept! I had the same issue though after getting a knuckle sandwich the second time.

hurts my eyes but I love it

no problem ;D was a lot of fun for my first font. I'll try to go back in and change the z to the s mirrored like I did with the lowercase e and g when I can find the time.

Amazing art and feels great, love the little wings ^^

love this ;D Great job!

loove the graphics <3

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woops XD https://i.gyazo.com/a4d7f5ebac...

think I ran into a bug where a graphic stays on the screen https://i.gyazo.com/b4a536436f... it stays there even when I leave that little area.

I found them all great work on this! Nice dithering and love the 2.5d effect ;D The music, sound effects and dialogue are cute too ^^

nice dithering ;D art's fantastic and the gameplay is pretty multitaskesque XD

Thank you for the feedback :D Sorry for the issues, we started the jam late and were barely able to get it out in time. I was trying to fix that door issue minutes before because I was creating the fake 3d collision within the building which messed it up. We're currently working on an update with dialogue trees and choices, more buildings, and actual stuff you can do.

This is awesome ;D I love the graphics and engaging gameplay!

graphics are amazing!! such a fun little tool ^^

also v changes camera angle ;b

...I literally was eating chicken curry when I played this o - o

(/o3o)/ hope you guys enjoy!