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Really awesome sprites! :D I would just suggest making the attacks more snappy and lean into the punches cause it looks like they're standing and moving their arm forward. Their opposite hand of the punch looks like it's down to the side when it would normally be higher and in front of the body at the start.

I'll be trying to finish up 100 more icons every day so pack should be complete in 10 days.

Yea I might add a color version to this pack since I've had a lot of fun making it :)

really fun and challenging using arrow keys! :D gg

Yea I figured that out right off the 'bat' too. Good suggestions, making it always move and not slow down all the way might help too.

If you change the .xpro file type to zip you can extract a file which you can look at in a text editor and has all the point data and layer info. Could probably make a little converter program with not much work.

Thanks ;D all of your work looks amazing !

thanks, I added the fullscreen. Any idea how to stop the page scrolling? I've tried css


 overflow: hidden;


but that doesn't seem to work.

Looks like fbx only stores information on the bones deform properties and not the ik settings so the ik would have to be redone in maya. I found this that might help

I haven't messed with maya too much, you might have to reconfigure the ik settings.  I asked on a forum and I'll let you know if anyone replies.

Did you make sure that the rig was selected as well when you exported and had these settings? Let me know if you're still having issues.

Thanks! Think I might do a few more sea creatures cause I had a lot of fun with this one. I was surprised that there wasn't any others since they're so popular. Yours looks really cute too ♥ 

lovely art! :D

If you like the music I made for the jam,

you can listen to it here:

The little spice text at the bottom with the high scores is a nice touch! Was trying to come up with some strategies to get combos like shooting the bullet out into nothing then keep circling it, or leaving it against a wall and going on the other side. But the green guys always got to me since I didn't have the bullet. The game cycle is super clean and well done, thanks for the fun experience!

I got to around 1400 but man that's tough, those green guys always get me.

Definitely a full stars project, great job Timo and Félix!

Very lovely concept and pleasing to play. The sound effects are superb and really make the game, cute graphics and great lighting!

pew pew 🔫

Great game, cool characters and weapons (the teleportation one is pretty neat and their effects are awesome). Would love to be able to traverse more floors, I could just stay on the top one the whole time and the bottom gets crowded

The Bottles, The Bottles and The Bottles

Would also be nice if there was a counter for the number of rebounds left.

This was a real blast, I managed to get all the hats but the bottles and tight rooms got to me. Thanks for the great experience ;D

jump rope

turnip guy

feel free to throw links here of your animation data for others to see ;D

From what I've tried so far I haven't had any trouble with texture shearing, there is an asset I saw on the marketplace that seems it would fix it though if it became an issue

I actually used draw_sprite_pos() and the view rotation is the fake z axis. When you scroll up and down it actually changes the view height while keeping the port the same size. So I also had to turn on and off the box sprites depending on the view rotation. The depth sorting works pretty much like depth=-y but it uses the ypos relative to the screen rotation.

Yea I know of some ways I could make it faster now, just didn't have time to change everything during the jam. Thanks! ;D

I definitely ran out of time and just started to throw stuff in there but it was fun.

Thank you [':

Reply here icons you'd like to see added ☻

If Goal is reached I'll add another 64 icons!!!

If you don't know how to clear the bone posing to get it back to Tpose: select all the bones in POSE mode then alt+R, alt+G, alt+S

Yea looks like what happens when you scale up pixel art in aseprite with the RotSprite method (tried to remake em using it) 

love the body pillow option! XD

The fixed version was a lot of fun and the level design was really neat. Having barrels block paths when you're shooting uncontrollably was great to throw in there ♥

I had a lot of fun with this, got stumped a little at the end but love how you were able to use parts of the puzzle multiple times. Very well designed, thank you for this experience! ♥

Great level design, progressed really smoothly and the aesthetic is on point.