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The fixed version was a lot of fun and the level design was really neat. Having barrels block paths when you're shooting uncontrollably was great to throw in there β™₯

I had a lot of fun with this, got stumped a little at the end but love how you were able to use parts of the puzzle multiple times. Very well designed, thank you for this experience! β™₯

Great level design, progressed really smoothly and the aesthetic is on point.

I updated the game to include another button ;-)

Does control+click work? Sorry I don't have a macbook to test.

love how it's mapped to any key and when you press R it changes the hand color ;3 though it does break the game when you press alt? πŸ‘‹πŸ™

I really enjoyed this one! The mechanics were well developed through your level design and progressed smoothly. I especially loved the laser puzzles β™₯

Thank you my mind is happy. ☺

Gorgeous tileset!!! β™₯

Thank you so much for letting me know!

I'm hoping it's fixed now but if it's not please let me know again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

There may be better ways to go about it but I actually used spring points (made an object to use like a spring prefab a while back) and then they also find the mean of neighbor points radius with the base radius to set the spring points target position. It also sends an impulse to the neighbor points upon jump/land/collision. Sorry for the late reply ;p

Yeah I'm still working on this one and there will be more dreams. Working on a project that will help me design characters and animations a lot faster. More fish is as far as it goes at the moment but eventually you'll be able to take certain objects from each dream to use in others. Glad you enjoyed it so far ;D


Loving it so far! Also, you can notice the nearby seed even though you already picked it up.

Pixel Fx Designer community · Created a new topic demo bug

was messing around with subtract mode and ran into this error

here's a gif of what I did

Juice, art, music and sfx choice are superb! Would be really neat if you eventually expanded it to other instruments that tell time like binary clocks or sundials. Some ticking would have been a nice effect for letting you know when you're running out of guess time or a decreasing bar but I guess focusing on how much time you have left gets you even more confused. Not sure if there's a way to get back to the menu after you start playing (I tried pressing escape and that just started another game, guessing you have it looking for any key press).  My best: 300 ;b

feels great and love the sfx ;D

It was a lot of fun, art is superb, the sfx added a lot to the experience and love the concept! I had the same issue though after getting a knuckle sandwich the second time.

hurts my eyes but I love it ❀

no problem ;D was a lot of fun for my first font. I'll try to go back in and change the z to the s mirrored like I did with the lowercase e and g when I can find the time.

Amazing art and feels great, love the little wings ^^

love this ;D Great job!

loove the graphics <3

TRI comments · Replied to TK in TRI comments

woops XD

think I ran into a bug where a graphic stays on the screen it stays there even when I leave that little area.

I found them all ❀ great work on this! Nice dithering and love the 2.5d effect ;D The music, sound effects and dialogue are cute too ^^

nice dithering ;D art's fantastic and the gameplay is pretty multitaskesque XD

Thank you for the feedback :D Sorry for the issues, we started the jam late and were barely able to get it out in time. I was trying to fix that door issue minutes before because I was creating the fake 3d collision within the building which messed it up. We're currently working on an update with dialogue trees and choices, more buildings, and actual stuff you can do.

This is awesome ;D I love the graphics and engaging gameplay!

graphics are amazing!! such a fun little tool ^^

also v changes camera angle ;b

...I literally was eating chicken curry when I played this o - o

(/o3o)/ hope you guys enjoy!