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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

Getting Exclusive: Marriage or Dating

A topic by KOKAYI005 created 83 days ago Views: 1,100 Replies: 16
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I had this issue with the other kinda famous erotic RPGs TiTS and COC1 and 2.

Sometimes your party members bang each other or other people around. Now I know that the universal language in these games, but I feel a little off about it. I'm not into making a harem. But would like to marry or date long term a character. I like the idea of finding one character in these games and only having sex with them. While trying to heal up at an inn in ToA, once I had the full party (just got Urka), I was blown away with how my other party members just slink off to fuck each other. SMH I'd like to suggest the marriage option.

If marriage or long term dating isn't a possible, then fine I live. But IDK, I thought once I rose my charisma up and talked more with Trudy and Kylira that we'd go stead they way the Mermaid and Dullahan foreshadowed. Is that just not in the cards at all?


Got deeper into the game and the recent update.

Okay, I stand corrected. There have been more tender compassionate love scenes added or I just now found them. At least with Kylira. Still marriage or dating would be nice.

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Wow... the inn scene is made worse by you not having a say in the matter if you keep watching. That's a shame. I hate the humiliation sex scenes. 


You can't even save Trudy when he get jumped by goblins? WHY?

Cuz Trudy's a whore.

I was hoping someone had class. Kinda sad that Urka humiliated the whole party and you can't change the scene. All you can do is walk away when they bang in the inn. And with the goblin girls banging him, you can only watch. 

It's kinda sad. I didn't want his pride to be fake. No more than I wanted Kylira to just be a doormat.

Again, why are there no vagina to penis scenes? Where are the full-package futa with penis, anus, and vagina and breasts?

There IS one normal sex scene, forgot with whom. Maybe the elf at the pond. And you do realize that the party's whole relationship with Urka is her being their dom?

And that it's the general point of the game in the first place?

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see I didn't know that. The wiki for this game is still new. There was no warning. If I had known I would never have picked up Urka as a party member. I don't like pain with my pleasure or doms in general. 

As for regular sex with penis and vaginas I only have seen one or two women with vagina. With no chance to have sex with them. Maybe the whores at the brothels. Even though I try to avoid that place unless it's for quests. Even if there's gonna be more futa characters if they at least made them have vaginas and penises that would help even things out for us players who don't always want to be used and abused by huge dick women.

The main page literally tells you you're gonna be used by huge dick bitches. And you're telling me that it suddenly dawned on you that Urka's 'too rough' after watching her fuck a guy's insides out and then fuck you into the dirt before you were given the option to invite her into your party?

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I just thought she was gonna change over time and not continue to be an obnoxious sex-bully. 

It'd be okay if I could remove her from the party at a camp. But nope. For some reason, like negative titles in the game, you're stuck with everything after a single save.

wow...start your own game if you hate it that much. Damn...

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You make it seem like that's easy. What I'm saying to isn't offend or annoy. I'm just into sex and full package futa, but not into mocking, and shaming, and degradation. There's not even any penis to vagina sex scenes in the game so far, and I'm 77 in-game days in! So either this game speaks to onlt a few fetishes (if so, that's fine, just let me know now so I don't get my hopes up) or I'm just not running into many of the scenes I like.

The tender moments with the Dullahan are great IMO. Same with the Mermaid and the Ghost Bride when she's calm. Even Kylira is pretty romantic. That's more my speed. But when the game forces you down the road of "dirty talk" that ends up being insults and shaming while you're suppose to being in a moment of mutual pleasure, I've never gotten into that. Couple that with me struggling through the game and often getting lots of GameOvers, I see that crap a lot. It's disheartening.

All I'm doing is suggesting it.  The possibility of exclusive mates in the game. Even one or two would be fine.

The way Bioware did it you can enjoy the sex without the humiliation and torture and constant name calling.

If that's not in the cards, hands down right off the bat, let me know and I'll drop it right now.

The main page literally tells you right off the bat the point of this game and what it's about: you getting fucked by anything and everything. Seriously, the fact that you're even surprised at how the game's like says a lot about you.

Also, when the fuck did Bioware ever make porn games?

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OK. But I figured that was them trying to be edgy. Sex isn't the problem. 

Bioware didn't make a porn game but I'm just saying if we take a page from their book with how sex is shown in dragon age and mass effect it proves that sex doesn't have to be about dominance and hate fucking and humiliation. If that what people want they can have it, I just want the option to not have it too. 

The humiliation is the problem. Why can't it just be sex? Why do characters that aren't even bad have to insult you as the fuck you?

Because if you wanted vanilla sex, you'd be watching random porn flicks that exist by the trillions, not here. Sex scenes in legit games don't count for shit here, because they're not porn games. If you've got such a big problem with how this game's like, start your own boring-ass vanilla porn game.

Why is vanilla boring? I don't watch "porn flicks" because I like plot and playing RPGs. Porn isn't interactive. There's no choice. And there's no story.

I came to this game because unlike TITS or COC1 and 2, it has art to go with the text and dialogue. Way more art than just a character still shot. I like Full-package futa (vagina and penis), but the only game with that was Futa Quest which isn't done and not even close to my tastes. It's mean-spirited and about a teacher corrupting teens so she can rape/impregnate them. Not for me.

I'm saying in this game, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have some romantic, boy on futa (penis in vagina) scenes. I'm not saying have them everywhere. But you acting like SOME is too much. 

All the character that are sweet and kinda like the mermaid and Kylira, either don't travel with you or are a boy. Which I'm not into.


I get where you're coming from, but basically if you want changes in the game, you have several options, one you could talk to the community and hope to change it's mind, hard to do. Two, you can basically become a patron and use your votes to change the game, more effective because even if it doesn't go through, it's still up for consideration later.

I'd love for it to be more consensual, I frankly wouldn't have to change much of anything but the dialogue at least, like the flavor option for pucca. I'd like more stuff but I'll take what I can get.

I just wouldn't mind the option. I don't get why so few of the encounters are romantic. And I super don't get why even some that start out romantic become so hurtful. Like with the Dullahan. I just don't get it. Is that really what most of the patrons want?

If I become a patron, how much money do I have to throw down? Or do I add money just now and then when I want a change and that's all?

If you become a patron, you have to pay a monthly fee, that's how Patreon works. How much? That depends on the tier that you choose.

Check Majalis' Patreon page for more info.