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1- I think it's the one where you go to the Brothel, treat Rose or Daisy roughly twice, and then go to the Square and lose. Lose to what? Well if you haven't seen it yet, that'd be spoilers. ;D

2-  I think this is where you at some point encounter a guy that asks for a womp at the Square and you suck him off.

3- In the Mossy Expanse, you can encounter a pair of vampire sisters. I believe that's you beating them both.

No, you have to get raped by the futa goblin, pussy.

You buy an anti-curse scroll.

The main page literally tells you you're gonna be used by huge dick bitches. And you're telling me that it suddenly dawned on you that Urka's 'too rough' after watching her fuck a guy's insides out and then fuck you into the dirt before you were given the option to invite her into your party?

Because if you wanted vanilla sex, you'd be watching random porn flicks that exist by the trillions, not here. Sex scenes in legit games don't count for shit here, because they're not porn games. If you've got such a big problem with how this game's like, start your own boring-ass vanilla porn game.

The main page literally tells you right off the bat the point of this game and what it's about: you getting fucked by anything and everything. Seriously, the fact that you're even surprised at how the game's like says a lot about you.

Also, when the fuck did Bioware ever make porn games?

There IS one normal sex scene, forgot with whom. Maybe the elf at the pond. And you do realize that the party's whole relationship with Urka is her being their dom?

And that it's the general point of the game in the first place?


Cuz Trudy's a whore.

This game isn't made for gentle fucking. You're supposed to get fucked the roughest possible. XD

Except swallowing recovers your health, so handjobs aren't an option.

Fuck it up royally. Like, grab a big chunk and delete it then save.

I know the Harpy and Wereslut can fertilize the goblin eggs. If it didn't work for you, you've got a glitch on your side.

I meant after finishing the whole Arena, though that's not a bad reward.

On the bright side, you can keep your progress with copy-pasting it. It's all in the file labelled ".toa-data".

Not that I wanna, but is the Warlock lying and there's actually a way to remove that curse?

Now I don't know if any of you saw this, so I'll assume not. I was messing with one of my saves just now and apparently, I fucked it up somehow, but however it is I fucked it up, it gave me something pretty unique to any other game telling me that the save's corrupted. It gave me a scene where, shall we say, the glitch manifested as a futa.

Fuck's sake Majalis, you scared the shit out of me with that. I love you but I hate you.

So I reached Monsters and I've been trying out the Arena, but since I built my Hiro on just being a little slut that gets fucked by anything and everything, I have no chance at combat, so I've been trying to suck off and get fucked by my enemies. Unfortunately, I'm not yet ready to make the Wereslut cum before she knots me.

This begets the question, though, what do I get once I beat the Arena? Is it even worth it? Or do I just get ice cream for the Golem?

I downloaded the game recently, and I'm wondering how to update it. Do I assume that the original download link for the game in the front page had been updated or is there another link that I'm not seeing?