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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

Arena prizes

A topic by PornMeister created Apr 08, 2019 Views: 1,507 Replies: 10
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So I reached Monsters and I've been trying out the Arena, but since I built my Hiro on just being a little slut that gets fucked by anything and everything, I have no chance at combat, so I've been trying to suck off and get fucked by my enemies. Unfortunately, I'm not yet ready to make the Wereslut cum before she knots me.

This begets the question, though, what do I get once I beat the Arena? Is it even worth it? Or do I just get ice cream for the Golem?

You get gold, and a bit of exp on each fight.

I meant after finishing the whole Arena, though that's not a bad reward.

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you only get the gold after the last fight.

-EDIT- Wait, i was wrong, the arena is divided in 5 sections, each section has 2-3 fights (it may be 2) and you get exp after each fight and money after each section.

Just as a heads up, you can always give a handy (assuming you're fast enough to avoid having your mouth taken) and get her to cum that way, with no chance of getting knotted.

Except swallowing recovers your health, so handjobs aren't an option.

I didn't make a slut Hiro (or Hiroko as I called him). But I still figured you just have to grind some level and use some great combos to get wins in the arena just like regular fights.

Pro tip.

You can leave the arena, rest at inn, then re-enter and skip the battles you did already.

Even demoted to a whore I won using combo that never made me stumble.

Best to learn a few good moves and max them out by saving up skill points 3 at a time.



I'm struggling the whole game I'm not getting a game over while I try to make money.

You can't get a game over on the arena.