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If you have a tablet, like a Kindle or something, there's a .apk download as well. Might be worth checking out if you have the option.

I'm not sure what might be causing it, I'm not super well versed in computer troubleshooting or anything. The game launches and runs just fine for me when I run either the .exe or the .jar

When I check what windows is using to open the .jar it says it opens with "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" if that helps at all.

Which download link did you use on the main page? I usually just use the Tales of Androgyny Win.rar link, extract the files, and then launch the game no issue.

You want to launch it with the Executable Jar File. It should be the really big file in the main folder, somewhere around 1.4gb in size.

I think you can go back and re-enter the manor in this specific case, have you tried that yet?

Have you tried just being a prostitute a bunch? You get it when you have "lady of the night" at rank 20 (I think that's what it's called, the skill you rank up each time you work as a bottom in the brothel).

Is it your computer you're running it on? If you're using some kind of Guest or restricted account (like parental controls, or a work/school computer, etc) that's probably the issue. Are you able to login with an Admin account or something? I'm not an IT guy or anything, but it sounds like it's something along those lines (it's never asked me for permissions to play).

It's been a while since I've actually downloaded winrar myself, but I'm going to assume it downloads some kind of install file. You'll want to run that, and install it somewhere (wherever it picks default is probably fine, but feel free to put it wherever you want). Once it's installed, if you try to open the game file you downloaded earlier (Tales of Androgyny Win64 for example) it should open it with winrar, the program you just installed. You'll want to "extract" the files into a folder somewhere, usually wherever you normally hide your porn games (or don't hide, if you don't ever let anyone else use it or watch you use it). Something like C:\Users\*YOUR PC NAME HERE*\Desktop\PORN GAMES NOTHING TO SEE HERE\Tales of Androgyny. You could also just make a temporary folder right smack in the middle of your desktop, extract to that, and then move it wherever you want later if that's easier for you. Once that's done (it might take a minute or five, depending on how up-to-date your PC is) it should be ready to play! Go into that folder, find that file named Tales of Androgyny.jar (it'll probably be the largest size file in there, should be easy to spot) and just double click it, and it should start right up.

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As an extra here, it's safe to alter your save data if you only mess with the obvious stuff, and still lets you be "OP". Find where it lists your gold, food, talent/skill/magic points, etc, and just adjust those numbers. Keep in mind it'll only list your available points if you actually have some to use! I tend to start a new game, get like, 1 level, and then just not spend my points. Then when I start editing the save it'll have those points listed in the file, and I can just edit them to be like, 10000 points or whatever (same with gold/food). You can also do the same for your stats, though be careful what you set your str stat up to, unless you like getting pounded by wolf girls even when you win the fight against them :P

Do you mean it's showing up as a .rar file? If so, that's what it's supposed to do, and you need a program to extract the file (think of it like getting a package in the mail: you need something to open the box up to get at the thing you ordered). If you need a reliable free program to do it, you can get one at

If you go to the main page, you'll see a bunch of buttons about half way down the page that say "download". Find the correct version (PC, MAC, Android, etc) and download it. Assuming you're on PC (I don't know how MAC works, and I don't play on mobile) you'll then need to extract the file you downloaded (think of it like unpacking a box: all the stuff is in the file, but it's not "ready to use" in it's current state), if you don't know how to do that you can get a free program to do that here

Once the file is downloaded and extracted somewhere (games folder, hidden porn folder, or just on your desktop for the brave!) open the folder, find the .exe file (it'll be called TalesOfAndrogyny and listed as an Executable Jar File in windows) and you can just double click that to run the game!

They're very similar, but I think a zip file has a weaker encryption? That and you usually need a more advanced program (compared to like, basic windows functions) to extract a rar file. Think of it like a DVD and a BLU. They both have a movie on them, but you need a more advanced player to watch the BLU than the DVD (though the BLU player can also run the DVD).

You'll need a program to unzip the rar file to make it useable. You can probably find them easily enough with a google search, Winrar and 7-Zip are the two that come to mind. Essentially, you use those programs to open the rar file, then "extract" it to wherever you want (for instance, into your secret porno-game-folder). From there you should be able to just open it and run it like any other normal program.

Steam has a few advantages: cloud save support, automatic updates, and the ability to just pay one up-front cost and be done with it. It's also nice to be able to keep your whole gaming library in one place, and easily transfer it between machines if you get a new PC, or the old one breaks, etc. Not having to find what games you had, and where, but instead just log into your account and download them all again.

The game isn't being made by some big mega game company: everything that gets added in means time was spent making it, at the expense of making something else. The time spent making a masculine MC means that the next thing that was going to be done gets delayed instead, etc.

That said, I would like some more hairstyle options, just for variety, but I know that's probably a fair bit of work since they'd need to update all the existing art to feature it (or just ignore that, and break your immersion every time art shows up).

Open whatever folder your game is stored in (C:etc, etc,\Tales of Androgyny\.toa-data for example), find the text file associated with your save slot (look for the most recently edited file after you save the game, for instance), and open it in notepad or something. Then you can search for things like "food" and "money" (or was it gold? I forget, you should be able to figure it out), and just change the value to whatever you want (I usually go to like 9999, not sure how many digits it's set to accept so I err on the safe side). If you have any talent points/magic points that you haven't spent, they'll show up in there as well, and you can just change the number as desired as well, and the same with your stat points.

Note that there are 2 entries for your character, I assume one of them is the "base value" that you start at, and the other is your "current value" after factoring in actual gameplay/etc. I'm not sure which is which, so I've just been changing both sections, and it doesn't seem to have caused any issues so you're probably fine doing it.

PS, as I'm not a game dev or anything, always do save editing smartly: create a backup of the save file just in case something goes wrong, and/or don't blame me if your save file with 200 hours of play on it gets broken somehow :P

Worked just fine for me, try re-downloading it?

Side note: there's an easier way to add perks. Just make sure you have at least 1 point unspent, and then it should show up in your save file so you can search for it. Just change that "1" into a larger number, say 200 or something, and then buy the perks in-game with all those points. Then you only need to edit that one single thing, and it's very easy/safe to do without messing up. This also works for talent/magic points: add a bunch of points, spend them, and if you still need more save and add more, etc.

I'm not sure if there's an easier way, but I just save edit a new game: start a new game, and save it as soon as I'm into the world (try to leave at least 1 skill/talent/magic point unspent). Open up the save file in notepad or something, and change the lines for food, money, skill/talent/magic points, adding a bunch to each, and edit my stat points to truly broken levels (I usually do 7 str so that wolf girls don't rape me, and then like 14 everything else, and end up using a rapier).

Keep in mind, of course, that this DOES break the games back, as far as difficulty is concerned, so only do it if you've played it through a time or two: it's like using cheat codes.

If you're worried about food/gold, you can always just edit your save file and add a ton of either (along with change your stats, etc).

Adding on to this, if there was some kind of pop-up text when you mouse over something, or some other similar navigation aid, that would help a lot.

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So I got the new 2.18 update, and there are no patch notes for it out yet. I know in the past I had asked about this and was pointed to the changelog file that's in the DL itself, and was happy to have missed something so obvious. However, the changelog file in the DL hasn't been updated since 8/1/2019, and only has info up to 2.14!

Just a reminder to please either update that changelog file in the download, or have the patch notes ready to post at the same time as the new DL, or it becomes very hard to find the new content if you don't know what you're looking for!

Thanks again for making this great game and letting us freeloaders enjoy it as well!

Edit: Just after posting this I noticed there's a separate DL for just the changelog that does seem to be up to date; maybe just remove the old one from the main DL?

There's an item the witch sells that makes you a pacifist or something, you didn't by chance buy that and put it on? I think it was the tiara or something?

The new scene is to offer yourself as payment when she comes looking, instead of fighting her. Then she has her way with you in a local seedy in for a full day, using you like a sex toy, for the whole duration. After that, your bills are still not paid, and she'll offer you the same choice the next time you see her if you can't pay, etc.

Oh, I hadn't noticed that before, but when I went to check the file I downloaded it still had the old 2.14 changelog file in it, despite being in a folder called 2.15 :P

Yeah, I was able to download the new game files yesterday, but without any idea on what's new I haven't gone and played it yet.

The witch sells accessory items that each give +1 to a stat, you should be able to go buy the one that has CHA, equip it, and then view the scenes (optionally switching back to whatever you had after). Failing that, if you open up your save file, you can just edit the text file itself to "cheat" and give yourself whatever stat scores you want: I've been doing this when new versions come out, so that I can breeze through the earlier parts of the game again, without having to struggle on the fights, etc.

I'm not sure how large the apk version is, but the windows version is just a tad over 800mb, for what it's worth.

Just as a heads up, you can always give a handy (assuming you're fast enough to avoid having your mouth taken) and get her to cum that way, with no chance of getting knotted.

I think you have to be a patron for it to work, not sure how it knows (backer versions of the game only maybe?)

In one of the shops somewhere I found them selling a scroll of curse removal, or something to that effect.

Once you listen to the Town Crier in the town square, go back to the town square and eavesdrop until some guy offers to sell you the info you need. You can either pay him in gold, or with your body. From there he points you to go find the witches cabin, where you continue to the next step.