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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

How to update

A topic by PornMeister created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 876 Replies: 4
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I downloaded the game recently, and I'm wondering how to update it. Do I assume that the original download link for the game in the front page had been updated or is there another link that I'm not seeing?
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The way I do it is by going to the homepage and looking under Development Log. There it gives various versions of the game and includes how recently they were released (ex. the newest one, v0.2.10.0  was released 3 days ago). Just scroll a bit up to Download and download for your system, the updates already included.

So if I have an older version and I want to update it, I have to completely delete it then re-download it? Man that kinda sucks...

On the bright side, you can keep your progress with copy-pasting it. It's all in the file labelled ".toa-data".

If you delete everything you will lose everything. Make a backup of the saves first.