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thanks for the advice, I've tried uninstalling and re-installing before but every time I try, all my saves stay there, frankly I'm going to try just deleting my saves next and hope that helps.

Edit:tried again, deleted every save and uninstalled/reinstalled, still having trouble. Is there maybe a location that some data is stored when I uninstall? When i reinstalled it showed I still had my old achievements unlocked.

I've been having trouble with brigands for a while, specifically every time I encounter the standard brigand my game crashes, not the cut purse but any other variant. 

I'm not sure why this is happening, I'm  playing on android, if I try to continue or load and re-encounter it simply crashes again.  I tried posting about it in bugs but I haven't gotten any reply on a while.

It's rather frustrating because I'll have to abandon entire playthroughs because some choke point will be cut off by them, for example I can't even fight at the mountain to get to the second map with my latest.

I'm having more trouble with the mare ending, it will send me to the location near the strange castle but going to the centaur location ends my game as well

I've been having trouble on mobile, any time I go to a brigand space, my game crashes.

To be more specific if I move to any brigand besides the cutpurse, it will shut down. Scouting allows me to see where they are but I still can't interact with them. I tried quick save and quick load as well as standard load and just continue but none seem to work and the game just shuts down again.

The next issue I've been having is with the alpha harpy. If I surrender or get defeated, it doesn't add to the cuckoo stat check, and as of yet between finding enough harpies and avoiding the brigands, I have yet to complete the achievement.

Harpy is probably my favorite so far, divebomb blowjobs really did it for me. I wish there was more oral oriented things but we'll see in the future. Like it would be great if everybody had an orally satisfied scene, especially if it included 69 or facesitting in there.

I started it up earlier but I didn't have much time to play yet, anybody up to explaining the p.e. thing? I assume it's another humiliation thing, as in the character finishes too quick, but how do we trigger it? Any other tips for the update are appreciated.

I think it would be nifty if you had a personality option, or catamite levels. They would change the dialogue more and more favorably. Starting with zero, all the text is rather nonconcentual, one is reluctant/denying, two is somewhat enjoying themselves, and three is outright enjoyment/slutty.  You also have the option of using a stat check, like oral enthusiast talks more favorably during oral scenes alone, or cum drinker has your character savoring it instead of being grossed out all the time. I also feel like it wouldn't be much work on the team anyway since most encounters have some sort of stat check, just add another one, and initially it doesnt even need art.

My next idea would be a dating mode/dynamic, instead of everybody fighting, with each encounter everyone has more enjoyable sex. First time you meet the harpy she dive bombs you, the second you catch her hunting, the third she's nesting and eventually you can have a "good end" the main thing that gives me this idea, is the whole bad end thing that already exists for this game, if you could turn encounters positive or in your favor, why not end positively.

Then I kinda want a better topping setup. I know the game is somewhat punishment oriented, but I'd still like to see some more positive or dominant situations, like the dullahan, or minotaur.

I think majalis stated a while ago that the cheat mode only works properly on the patron version, which breaks my heart.

iirc the Hunter lady said to have it stretched out or something and I thought she made reference to magic, which I figured meant the witch cottage, then I figured the same for the cursed underwear, I think we're talking about the one we get from the trader at the farthest outpost. I figure I'll mostly just have to sink some time into it or wait till december

If you read the text checks you can see what they are looking at, I think you get auto raped above strength level seven with the werewolf,  and oral knotting is supposed to be a bad end so avoid blowing the werewolf.

Most other characters are rather simple, but save often and enjoy exploring your options. As a general rule of thumb, if you lose to the same species three times, it's a bad end. So let's say you get defeated by a harpy three times, you'll end the game. Though there are several first try game enders. 

Some characters are rather tough depending on what you're trying to do, I keep asking about getting the oral ending on the goblin but I still have trouble and I've been into it for a couple of months now.

As far as other stats really I go for endurance, agility, and perception. Endurance helps recovery during grapples, and agility helps give your attacks priority. Perception if high enough helps your scouting and allows you to see what your enemy's next move is. Charisma is helpful for certain tasks and same with magic, but strength I never get above seven. Buy gauntlets, sabatons, and a helmet early on, like your first visit to the village. Ring gags are fun.

As far as combat there's a basic explanation at the beginning when you have your first fight. I recommend getting hit the deck and seduction in particular. If you can get magic start with combat fire for ghosts. And for perks I suggest catamite for fun, cum drinker as a health support, and surveyor for scouting.

There are probably a few people out there with more detailed set ups but in my post history somewhere I submitted a link to a general guide. Have fun.

still loving the game, but I'm still having trouble with two things, first I still can't orally satisfy the goblin of either gender, I've tried upping seduction and charisma, but I'm still not getting it, any tips or direct methods? I go through with blowjobs, and analingus etc but it seems like it never ends the match. My second question is how do I end the codpiece quest? My current theory is after getting the old one, take it to the witch, but idk yet, and then for the enchanted armor, I just don't know what to do with it. Any tips and such would be appreciated.

Not 100% but I'm 0retty sure the pure hero achievement can be achieved so long as you haven't lost your anal virginity but like I said, I'm not 100%.

The mouth fiend can be found by visiting the brothel, requesting a blowjob, and forcing a deepthroat. Do this twice, then head to the town square where you will meet a special young lady. The tavern scene can be found by visiting monsters (the second town) and visiting the tavern itself, purchase about 4 drinks, enough that someone actively flirts with you and then attempt to leave the building.

Which succubus btw, do you mean the vampire, the dullahan, the cameo demon, or maybe the vengeful ghost? I feel like any of these could be what your talking about unless sometging is slipping my mind.

I agree that money should be easier to come by.

I would also like to see a non combat version of the game, I haven't played story mode so idk if it overlaps but I would like to have a version where you simply have dialogue choices. Specifically for some of the goblin scenes because for the life of me I can never complete the orally satisfied ending for the goblin .

Oh I definitely think feedback is important even if you aren't a patron, but I know it goes a long way to get what you want if you get to vote on what's next.

we have food available at the general store, and the occasional traveling merchant, I'm pretty sure an inn feeds you every time you stay there as well, you can also gain food from several different enemies, like the dead and urka. If you have an oral focused character your hunger can be slightly mitigated as well as using a hunger charm found in cashes that you've fully scouted. When you camp/rest there is also a foraging option, though based on time of day it can get difficult.

As far as items go there are a few you can loot just not a ton.

There are several interactions based around your equipment, for the moment the main ones involving the ring gag are brigand, harpy, and the mouth fiend, I would like it if everyone had an option but I'll take what I can get until I can afford to be a supporter.

I assume they are working on menu acessability and as far as short quests go, if like it, but I'd be picky about who would have them.

They are usually adding more monsters, I think atm they are working on a Minotaur, vampires, and a few others while adding more scenes involving hiro in particular, like how they added him to the prostitution scenes.

I agree about the pervert gallery in particular, I'd love to have the text added into it too.

I feel like the leveling is your limiter, but I would like to have a few options where you dominate the monsters once you reach a high enough level. I mean separately from the combat in particular. Like the dark elf, if my strength is high enough, let me blast her ass so hard she can't stop me from cumming. Or generally just more domination scenes, because I feel like the reward for dominating could be improved.

I'd love to keep adding stat points too, but it is mildly addressed by the witch cottage who let's you keep adding skill points for every 200 gold or so. I would like it to be cheaper but we'll see.

firstly I'm still enjoying the game, but does anybody else feel like the difficulty just spiked? I've mainly been having trouble with the wasps and the ogres, is there any tips in particular? Also I just loaded an older save where I had already beaten the goddess, but when I left the extended area, I got an auto bad end, any way to fix this? The save is already in the top map with new monsters but I'm trying to get the codpiece to the vampire Hunter and then figure out the cursed armor.

100% agree, I have no idea about how to continue with her, but I'd love to see a while lot more of her.

they haven't been removed, but if you're looking for them try top right edge of the map, generally by the time I reach monsters I can scout out a dullahan. I usually find the elves near the dullahans, but iirc it's advisable to have the elf companion with you.  The mountain boss should have a little mountain icon on her location again towards the top right. Lastly for the wasp and generally all of the latest updated characters, if you scroll your map to the top there should be two branches that lead up off the map, one should take you to the giantess/goddess and the other takes you to a region that's full of the new encounters like the wasp, thief, etc.

I think you need to listen to the town crier mid-day, then once you have the mountain quest, eavesdrop in the town square and you'll get an offer like slur, payment, or charisma, and he'll offer a gem to take to the cottage.

Usually she's available early on, if you don't find her, the new region at the top has more, but she shouldn't be that hard to find, just upgrade your scouting perks and you'll see her, I think she's 




I usually have at least one by the time I reach the river where the mermaid is.

iirc, you spot her and tell her to go away with low charisma, then you have the option to bribe or fight.

If we're simply stating feedback/requests, I wanna mention something along the lines of this:

Maybe for pervert mode have all the dialogue related to them that you have seen available as well, like with the wins and such. D for dominated, SO for satisfied orally etc as buttons,  then maybe C1, C2 for checks W1 for win scene one and so on. 

I would also like to see more tops and kinda like the idea of having my character running around orally assaulting people, basically I'm a big oral fan, giving and receiving.  I also look forward to Minotaurs and titfucking, as titfucking is also one of my favorites.

As far as bugs go, maybe something more descriptive in the various ending tips, I can't seem to get the goblin oral satisfaction yet though I hear it's quite tough anyway, I'd just like to see where I can improve.

Other than that I'm just thankful that one of my favorite artists if not my actual favorite, has such a fun game and dedicated development process.

I think it's because I download the update before I delete the old version, but no, I usually don't lose my progress or saves.

Standard stockade is from getting caught stealing, then the alternates are listed by having either/both Trudy and Kylara as companions.

I've got a Samsung galaxy j7, but basically I download the newest patch, go to my "Samsung" folder in my apps screen, then i go to "my files", then "instalation files" which has a little circle with APK in it. I delete the older apk, and install the newer one.

I'm dieing waiting, idk what they are updating, but I want more oral stuff,  receiving and giving.

I'd love to see one as well, though I've seen a web page describing most of these things in basic text at

, I'd also enjoy it if the gallery let you re-read the scenes too.

My god I don't have the patience for 121, hats off to ya, but I'll definitely try this next. Thanks for all the hard work!

I'm actually having a hard time with SO on the goblin, is there a trick to it? Because basically blowjob, facesitting and facefucking I let go, but only resist the anal for the SO ending but it never seems to happen.

If you get perception to 3(maybe4?), during battles on the right side of the menu there's like a W, L, D, AK, OK and such, if you hover over them it tells you what kind of ending is available, the problem is that its not too specific on how, and even then, some of them don't seem to initiate, like the oral knot from the wereslut.

I know it would break the game but I kinda just want an Urka mode where she just runs around dominating everything. LIke everything turns into a strength check she automatically wins.

If you initiate anal you are likely to be knotted within two turns, which results in an end to battle and potentially a game over. 

If you look at the side menu during battle that lists potential endings, there is one to be knotted orally as well, and iirc, it's supposed to be an automatic game over. 

I know how to get oral started, and she even swells up like the knotting anal position, but it never seems to initiate the knotting oral sequence.

I'd like to see more of these too, like when you defeat the dullahan, maybe an agility check to steal her head, then a perception check to see if the body catches you mid mischief.

Just started playing the free version of the game, and can't seem to initiate the oral knot, any tips for me?