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wow...start your own game if you hate it that much. Damn...

Two bugs to report:

1. Enemy behaviour stops working in some situations. When the enemy has forced player into a sex stance, they will not attempt to keep player in the sex stance, they will just let the player struggle out immediately. Another example is enemy AI does not appear to have ability to reverse the 'grapple bar' once sex has started. 

2. Loading the Dullahan encounter causes a crash. Verified only on Android version, but crash occurs when encountering normally on map and through 'encounter' cheat. 

+1 for every Majalis fan. :)

What are you talking about? That's exactly my point...we don't need another dating sim. which is why we don't need to recruit everyone into a 'campfire-relationship'.

then who would be left to fight? It would turn into a dating sim...

dont want to be a downer...but you've just picked three monsters directly from dungeons and dragons.