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When is a update?

A topic by Nineday created Apr 28, 2019 Views: 646 Replies: 13
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Hello, I'm nineday:

And when does the next update come out.

As stated numerous times:

This decade


47 Days passed...


Please stop

writing like that.


i just think Haxor gave up on this game, he got bored and lazy to even bother trying to update this bitch. how sad :(

on the bright side i hear 2.9 should be released in the year 2030 when Haxor will start to give a shit and get off his lazy fuck ass! :D

we can only hope my friends!!!

Truth is, I forced myself to work on the game one day and I only got irritated, which made everything worse. My motivation plummeted and I haven't made much progress since then, but I'm not leaving the game for good.

maybe try using a new game engine like unity i've heard unity is quite easy also please don't take rude people seriously haters gon' hate 

It's okay, I don't think he's particularly rude anyway. I understand why he's saying such things


Never give up!!

~2 years ago i also started making a similar game,but i'm are an a fking idiot and i reinstalled my system without saving to anywhere, and i gave up. I found your game about 3 months ago, and it's awesome!Your game are inspired me,a few days ago  i started making my game again !

(sorry for my bad english)

I'm glad :D
Good luck to you!


Thank you, I will need it because I would like to have microarchitectures in the game.You know,the player cant be a lot better or worser than the pre-writed rival(s).If i made it wrong,the player can have hundred times higher single and multi core perf at much lower tdp and clock speed than the rival company 😥

Also good luck for you,don't give up!Just relax a few weeks before opening construct again 😉

please avoid being rude if haxor  does abandon the game thats his choice and as stated before  



i wasnt trying to be rude. I was just trying to be funny. i understand my humor is shit. :/ :P

Just to Know your game is really awesame.It could attrack many indie gameplay youtubers (if you develop it a little) and could do awsame on steam.It could cost 5-8$, i do not tr underestimate it with that price but ussualy that is the price for indie games.Take your time develop it only if you want to