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you are the only noob here mate.

Mac please

Mac please

No mac version? :(

you are the only noob here mate.

Hey haxor, I have made an attempt to help so i crawled it for errors by decompiling then recompiling it

Last login: Thu Feb 20 17:21:13 on ttys001

/Users/HTtestACCOUNT/Desktop/Hardware\ ; exit;

Codys-MacBook-Air:~ HTtestACCOUNT$ /Users/HTtestACCOUNT/Desktop/Hardware\ ; exit;

dlopen /Users/HTtestACCOUNT/Desktop/Hardware Framework.framework/nwjs Framework: dlopen(/Users/HTtestACCOUNT/Desktop/Hardware Framework.framework/nwjs Framework, 257): no suitable image found.  Did find:

/Users/HTtestACCOUNT/Desktop/Hardware Framework.framework/nwjs Framework: file too short

/Users/HTtestACCOUNT/Desktop/Hardware Framework.framework/nwjs Framework: file too short

Abort trap: 6


Saving session...

...copying shared history...

...saving history...truncating history files...


[Process completed]

this is what the terminal app spits out when recompiling it. So it would appear the NWJS framework isnt bundled correctly.

hope this helps you fix the mac version.

also i have to ask

rather than reply to yourself you could've just lumped it together. lol

Hello Haxor, based on how this game has played I would LOVE a SmartPhone Tycoon made by you, perhaps as a sequel when you're done with this game.


please avoid being rude if haxor  does abandon the game thats his choice and as stated before  


maybe try using a new game engine like unity i've heard unity is quite easy also please don't take rude people seriously haters gon' hate 

oh and please keep it free for as long as donations can cover the expenses because i never would have found the game had it not be free

:) welcome!

yeah how high did you score?

no i am not bragging i just love this game


(1 edit)

no luck ive been looking in every system folder i can find, no appdata

so by 2020?

whats the estimated beta time?

sorry i havent been on in a while ill look now

now the app won't even open the itch app says its running but there is nothing no errors no gameplay nothing

just have set colours (still random but when the game loads up it picks a random colour that the player can't pick)


i know you are probably being asked this left right and center but hows 0.2.9


can i have an ubuntu 64bit as well please i got ubuntu they don't know

indeed, ok thanks and hope it does work also this game is one of the best games i have played in my life i have archived it all on i have stored the game on a usb stick and sd card i have in my bedside drawer if this game gets pulled (not by you) for whatever reason i will do battle. I LOVE THIS GAME SO F---ING MUCH

also i succeeded in running the game on windows using Parallels desktop but my carers banned me from using windows and that i should "use my computer how it comes" annoying (i refused so they banned me from my computer thats why it took so long to reply) thanks for reading my life story lol

ok thanks sorry for the delayed reply


also how do i activate the console in hardware tycoon?

i found your other game SystemZ it is a great game with just a bit more ui editing it would be flawless in my opinion


sorry, i have a really bad memory sorry! can you export a mac version i  wil, tinker around with it to see if there is a fix or if i can fix it thank

cool thanks

hiya i have a mod that i downloaded it doesnt support 0.2.8 only 0.2.7 i cant remember if i already asked this or if i dreamt it sorry if i already asked it

i know slightly dumb question but during the making of the game did you ever rage quit?

wouldnt it then become somewhat like game dev story by kairoisoft

sorry for the delay my username is LightDetermined#4883

it doesnt work on OSX