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That was the original goal, but I doubt the game will ever be this feature complete.

mm, that would be nice indeed. Waiting for it to happen too


Yes, of course! The more tycoon games, the merrier.
I think only 1:1 copies or asset stealing could be considered wrong in this case. Inspiration is completely fine, though.


  1. Development started in August 2016, but there was a 1-year gap between the first two versions
  2. What do you mean exactly? I had this idea for a game when Progorion had their vision for Computer Tycoon
  3. The game is made using Construct 2 which is a code-less game-making tool. I don't think you'd need much code to make it work using other means if you know what you're doing though

Custom logos are possible (if with an iffy implementation) but customization is a low priority right now.


Yes, it's made using Construct 2:

What is Hardware Tycoon made in?
Hardware Tycoon is an HTML5 game made using Scirra's Construct 2. Desktop versions run on nw.js.


Unfortunately, I don't have any good news, and not much has changed since my replies in the following topics:
Is there anything yet? - Questions -
Timeline - Questions -


I'm not planning on expanding CPUs much beyond what is planned for 0.3.

I'm 95% sure it's because you went under Y1970 and there are some logarithm functions that use the starting year as the base.

The aliens cursed me with it;

My strategy for the game boils down to always researching something to stay on top of the R&D (don't forget to increase your budget, too), using the latest technologies in my CPUs, and pricing them usually around 2x the production cost - overpricing will lead to poor sales, but low prices leave income on the table.

My plans on future hardware types can be found in the FAQ, and just like Hellur mentioned, unfortunately not much has changed since I said

The progress on 0.3 is small but not zero. I will post a devlog when I have something cool to show.

I'm sorry that I can't make promises and that the roadmap is outdated. It's very hard to say, but unfortunately, I don't think I can fully deliver the update the way it's presented on the roadmap this year.

The key to success is keeping up with the research and using the latest technology in your CPUs, so ensure you're constantly researching something and that your R&D budget is high enough. Product pricing is essential as well, too high of a price will massively hinder your sales, but underpricing will leave precious income on the table. Usually, people go for something around 2x the production cost.

If I ever learn how to make games my next project would probably be about developing operating systems.

There's a step-by-step guide linked on the wiki.

Hi, thanks for staying vigilant!

Multiple people have already reported the app, but it seems it doesn't do anything. Funnily enough, it doesn't even work...


Unfortunately, nothing much has changed since the last time this question was asked: Is there anything yet? - Questions -

Well, the best way would be for touch to emulate mouse clicks (wouldn't have to replace hundreds and hundreds of events), unfortunately, I don't see a good way of doing that in Construct 2.

Hi, sorry about your PC...

Funnily enough, I remember the game working on mobile on in the very early days, but something must've broken it.
There used to be rudimentary touch support in some beta version (I believe it was 0.2.9) but people didn't like it as it made playing with a mouse unpleasant (basically you had to have your mouse perfectly still when clicking).
I could have two separate versions for touch and mouse input, but that'd add unnecessary complexity, especially when the game is still changing this much.



The progress on 0.3 is small but not zero. I will post a devlog when I have something cool to show.

Construct 3 is significantly more expensive (being on a subscription-based model) and as far as I know you can't just drag and drop a Construct 2 project into Construct 3 and expect everything to work (at least with the number of plugins I'm currently using).

No, the game is not open-source. I don't even want to imagine how version control for a Construct 2 could look like.

Not many interesting things have happened, I'll post a devlog when there's something to show
I don't have an ETA yet.

It's basically Construct 2's proprietary format that's probably not intended for manual edition.

The "data" field is a nested array (1-dimensional table of items delimited by square brackets []). In the case of Hardware Tycoon, the first level (so the second pair of square brackets) is a column, with every field being its own one-element array.
So for example:

"data":[[[1],[2]], [[3],[4]]]

would be a 2D table that looks like this:


Thanks, I know of the app and apparently, it doesn't even work. The community has reported it many times but it's still there :/


My stance on a mobile version is in the 10th point of the FAQ.

You could modify the json files in package.nw (company-related ones start with 'C'), but without any tools it would be torture.


Unfortunately, you can't do that just yet.


There is a roadmap that lays out planned features and estimated release dates. Admittedly though, a beta release in the first half of the year is quite unrealistic at this point...

Does your system support WebGL? You can check that here.
Have you tried a different browser?
Or, you may have better luck downloading the game this way instead.

So, all other sites work both at school and at home? I'm not sure why that would be.
Have you tried a different browser or clearing your browser's cache? (Should be in privacy and security settings)

Hi, thank you for the kind words!

The FAQ says:

Will Hardware Tycoon ever cost money/come out on Steam/Epic Store/etc.?
I wouldn't count on it. Hardware Tycoon isn't anywhere near the point where I would be happy to charge people for it. (Yet.)

Does this happen every time? Does it happen for other websites too? This is a common client-side problem related to a bad internet connection.

This link doesn't work: What error are you getting?

What exactly doesn't work?


we also use commas here, but I always just put in dots and never give it much thought.
It seems like a localization issue. The desktop release seems to disregard user preference and force English locale.
I didn't find any way to fix it (I'm using a game-making tool that basically exports the game for me, giving me no options). There could be a way, but this kind of issue is of pretty low priority. I'm sorry, but you'll have to bear with dots on the desktop for now.


Sure, I don't see anything wrong with that

Hi, other hardware types are planned to come to the game after I finish everything CPU-related.