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I knoww, I know that people want more hardware, but let me finish CPUs first

I use Construct 2

I wanted to make a devlog entry where I would give an ETA, but then I decided that there's not enough interesting stuff to write about and I can't predict when I'll finish the update. There's just one busy week of school left, so I should pick up the pace after it.

If you mean the money you pay it every month (if you have a loan) - that's the loan interest. You have to repay the loan manually. I know that isn't realistic, but this simplified version works well enough.

Don't look at what they say in reviews about the price, it doesn't afffect how well your CPU will sell anyway.

About the crash: "apparently the game crashes on desktop version after autosaving 55 times (55 months with autosave on). It is advised to turn off autosave for now, as it can also break the last autosave. I've kind of fixed it in 0.2.6."

There are shortcuts for time: 1,2,3 and 0/space for pause.

I was originally going to make the market refresh, but it had a big impact on the performance. That was before I optimized it though, I'll see if it works now.

Okay, I can do that.

Actually It's 4,500 : )

That would be OP with how the game currently works. I will redo the way you publish and sell CPUs and I should add the possibility to have more than 1 CPU on the market.

DIPs have better stats, while PLCCs are cheaper and more cost efficient.

Thanks! It's made in Construct 2

Umm, can you describe the problem in detail? I don't know what's wrong, therefore I can't help you


No one knows.

I might. I don't know what I will add in 0.2.6

You probably didn't have enough money

Nah, I'm fine. It's going to be a rather small server so I should have no trouble setting it up

I don't know... that's still pretty far into the future, but probably either motherboards or sound cards

Are you playing on easy? You can take a loan in the bank if you're low on funds. If you don't have enough money then don't focus on research. CPUs with older tech should still bring you profit.

Thanks! I'll be sure to check out the vid when I get home

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Discord should be up in ~12 days (you'll see why I'm waiting to make it ;) )

As for 0.2.6: I'm working on a new CPU Dev window, but it doesn't look good enough yet. I have no idea when I will finish and what else I'm going to add/change

Of course, more hardware is planned. I don't know about the bundles, I'll think about it. You can kind of do promotions - you can change prices of products while they are selling.

Yeah that's a good idea, I can give roles to people who give me ideas

No, there's still a lot of things I have to do before. Things that will change the core gameplay

Depends on what you mean by major update. I'm working on 0.2.6 right now, but I don't know when I'll finish it.

ye ok will do m8

I haven't done anything devlog worthy yet

Thanks! Most of these are already planned to be added later on. For example being able to develop own computers etc. from components you've previously developed, or product lines/brands where products share the same name (for example Intel Core) and components from that line sell better or worse depending on the prestige of the line.

uhhh.. it's in early stages of development

Hey! Thanks, but I don't know if there'd be any demand for a translation and the way Hardware Tycoon is built would make it a pain for both you and me (for example it would need to be a stand-alone application - I can't put two languages in one file). Maybe when its closer to full version.

Of course, I'd appreciate people making videos about the game!

Can you tell me about these crashes? When do they happen? I've never experienced any problems with that.

Thanks! You can use marketing more than once, it's not like you have one campaign that you edit

1. I will probably do that

2. Competition is really basic right now, and I will work on more features related to it, and that might be one of them.

3. I was thinking about that myself. I will revamp the way you publish and sell CPUs completely

Can you provide a screenshot from History of that  CPU that didn't sell well?

Also popularity and marketshare have nothing to do with each other.

I actually want to redo the way you research and make it similar to what you said; you'd have to set a budget for your R&D team and depending on their skill and available budget you could research everything earlier or later

I had experience with other click and drag game engines, so I could figure some stuff out by myself, and if not then there are lots of tutorials on various things. Visit scirra.com, the basics are very well explained there.

Just download it again and delete the folder with the old version.

I was planning to make 0.2.5 only a content update, yeah. I just started working on other stuff and it kinda happened by itself.

I'm debugging right now, it should be up today!

Yeah, I'm still adding core features and CPU upgrades, these are my priorities right now. Music will be added someday as well.

Unfortunately I didn't finish 0.2.5 today, but there are only small things left to do and it shouldn't take long.

I might finish it today

Nah, I don't need help with anything right now, thanks

Construct 2

You can take a loan in the bank if you need money and select a lower difficulty when creating a new company. I don't know what you might be doing wrong. I suppose you are choosing these new sockets you've researched? If you're losing money you can also try setting higher prices.

Yeah, I've actually added an achievement for making your first CPU in 0.2.5, I'll see if I add any more

Thanks! I want to add music and more sounds eventually, it's just low on my to-do list. I will look for some royalty free tracks someday. You can always listen to your own in the background ;)

There's been one suggestion regarding a discord server already. I will probably make one, I don't know when though. Perhaps for an itch.io views milestone?