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Hey! Thanks, but I don't know if there'd be any demand for a translation and the way Hardware Tycoon is built would make it a pain for both you and me (for example it would need to be a stand-alone application - I can't put two languages in one file). Maybe when its closer to full version.

Of course, I'd appreciate people making videos about the game!

Can you tell me about these crashes? When do they happen? I've never experienced any problems with that.

Thanks! You can use marketing more than once, it's not like you have one campaign that you edit

1. I will probably do that

2. Competition is really basic right now, and I will work on more features related to it, and that might be one of them.

3. I was thinking about that myself. I will revamp the way you publish and sell CPUs completely

Can you provide a screenshot from History of that  CPU that didn't sell well?

Also popularity and marketshare have nothing to do with each other.

I actually want to redo the way you research and make it similar to what you said; you'd have to set a budget for your R&D team and depending on their skill and available budget you could research everything earlier or later

I had experience with other click and drag game engines, so I could figure some stuff out by myself, and if not then there are lots of tutorials on various things. Visit scirra.com, the basics are very well explained there.

Just download it again and delete the folder with the old version.

I was planning to make 0.2.5 only a content update, yeah. I just started working on other stuff and it kinda happened by itself.

I'm debugging right now, it should be up today!

Yeah, I'm still adding core features and CPU upgrades, these are my priorities right now. Music will be added someday as well.

Unfortunately I didn't finish 0.2.5 today, but there are only small things left to do and it shouldn't take long.

I might finish it today

Nah, I don't need help with anything right now, thanks

Construct 2

You can take a loan in the bank if you need money and select a lower difficulty when creating a new company. I don't know what you might be doing wrong. I suppose you are choosing these new sockets you've researched? If you're losing money you can also try setting higher prices.

Yeah, I've actually added an achievement for making your first CPU in 0.2.5, I'll see if I add any more

Thanks! I want to add music and more sounds eventually, it's just low on my to-do list. I will look for some royalty free tracks someday. You can always listen to your own in the background ;)

There's been one suggestion regarding a discord server already. I will probably make one, I don't know when though. Perhaps for an itch.io views milestone?

In future updates I'm going to add employess, and you'd be able to research only if you build a R&D departament sort of thing, and the time it takes to research will depend on the building/room/equipment of that departament and employees' skill.

I also have plans for a new research mechanic, and I'll work on it first.

Nope, I don't want anyone at the moment

I have never even considered it until now. I still don't think there's enough content to try at this point, but I'm going to in the future.

Well... maybe you are right. I still think it's too early to put it on Steam though. I'm putting school over work right now too, so updates aren't frequent.

Maybe one day..

Thanks! I actually have all of this planned, except integrated graphics. I didn't think of that to be honest, that's a good idea

Yes of course, I have so much more planned - both research/features/parts/options and hardware. This is a very early version of the game.

I don't think it's possible to develop good mod support in Construct 2 and I never planned any, so for the while being the answer is no.

I won't release the game on Steam, because I'd need to pay 90$ (which I don't have) for it to get into Steam Greenlight and there is a low chance of it getting through in its current state. I might try in the future though. As for Chrome webstore... I haven't even considered it. I will do some research on how it works and think about it. 

I think itch.io is the best platform for my game at the moment though.

Right now I'm working on tiny boring cosmetical stuff. I'm waiting for my christmas break to start, I'm planning to redo the research mechanic. I don't know how long that will take.

So, after saving once you can't open the save menu again?
I can save whenever I want both in browser and on desktop, can't seem to find any issues in the code either.

Uhhh it works for me both in browser and in the stand alone .exe on Windows. What do you mean by not being able to open up the saves? Does it do nothing when you click on the save icon?

Can you provide more details? What platform are you on and what exactly doesn't work?

Well it works in browser on Android

It does through browser on itch.io, or do you mean a downloadable .apk?

It is 16:9 though, 1024x576 to be precise

Thanks! And it's a really odd thing.. max os x download should work :/

>on right click

>destroy sprite

>destroy text

is the easiest way do to it

Well... I'm not a great tutor but I'll try to explain.

Here's an example:

>on left mouse button click

>create new sprite (mouse.X + 105; mouse.Y)

>create new text (mouse.X + 105; mouse.Y)

(Just example values and names)       You need to have a sprite and a text somewhere on the layout to be able to create them.

If you're new then don't think about animations or any fancy stuff just yet, learn the basics first.

I don't know if you're a beginner and understood any of this. If you are then I advise you to check out some tutorials on http://www.scirra.com

Of course, that is planned, I just want to make the CPU part of the game as good as I can for the moment.

Also I'm using Construct 2

Thanks! And yeah, the interface is designed to look like GDT's interface 

I am planning to add many more researches and CPU components in 0.2.5, and it will probably include long awaited cores.

Ohh, thanks for pointing that out, will fix in the next update.

Weird. I have never encountered a bug like this. Can show me a screenshot from History showing that CPU?

You probably set your product's price too low.  Always set it to at the very least 20$ more than its production cost. When price turns orange thats means you will be losing money with each unit sold.

No idea.

I got back from the hospital yesterday and I'm just doing my overdue schoolwork. No idea when I'll start working on the game again.

Well I have no way to do that :/

I'll be on lookout for updates for Construct, let's hope this gets resolved soon.