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It wasn't really intended to be seen by normal users, but you can press '`' and type h into the console to see al commands.

Please read the 4th point

There are no CPUs after 1993:

1. Offices and employees are planned:

2. I add new technologies every update.

3. and

4. We will see about that.

The file named nw is the one you're supposed to run.


I'm glad :D
Good luck to you!

Press ` or type x in the box.

It's okay, I don't think he's particularly rude anyway. I understand why he's saying such things

Frankly, I wouldn't say it's challenging yet. At least if you don't know the formula for success. I want to mitigate this by adding new mechanics, such as employee management (and staff would affect research speeds!). Thanks for the kind words but there's still a lot to do ;D!

Truth is, I forced myself to work on the game one day and I only got irritated, which made everything worse. My motivation plummeted and I haven't made much progress since then, but I'm not leaving the game for good.

Yes, it doesn't seem to be anything I could fix myself.
Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks! I swear I want to make it much better.

The mac issue is known, I can't seem to be able to fix it as it's a nw.js issue. Perhaps the next update will help because it uses the newest version of it.

Thanks! I will keep working on it thanks to people like you :D

No worries, I won't be slapping a price tag on the game anytime soon

Thank you a lot! Maybe I will finish the next version thanks to you :D
Normally I'd send an e-mail expressing my gratitude but I guess it's not needed here

As stated numerous times:

This decade

The point is that it seems like medium is not in the sweet spot (it is easier than hard and harder than easy, but not the experience it should be , apparently).
Well, I'm glad you fell that way! It certainly is a major part of the experience, but not everyone thinks that. Some people just give up (that's what easy should be for). The game isn't as balanced as it should be yet, I'm constantly working on it.
Good luck!

Yes, don't worry it's not THAT unbalanced. It can be beaten on every difficulty, just not as easily.
Some people think medium is way too hard and others say it's too easy :/

Could you provide more details?

If it doesn't run then try deleting Hardware Tycoon folder in C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Local

Alright, all versions are available to download from here:!LoxHnAwZ!VSXOQsnHfKEp7QIuV2PvJw
I only have Windows-64 bit ones and 0.2.7 is available on GameJolt as mentioned previously.

Alright, I guess there is some appeal in playing older versions. I can't upload them here, because there's a size limit, but I can upload it to some cloud and link it here. I'll do it tomorrow, when hopefully my connection won't be as slow.

For now, you can play 0.2.7 on this site:

I wanted to make a comparison video between 0.2 and 0.2.8 to show how the game has changed, but it didn't work out. I can assure you that there is nothing interesting in the older versions. Is there a particular reason you want to play older versions?
I've already presented my idea on this here ^

Intel mode

What was the score of that CPU btw?

it was no nut february, man

no because your cancer is in advanced stage
Apparently it's in Library

Okay, but what precisely doesn't work? This still doesn't give me any useful info I need in order to help.




This decade.....

Yes it is, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a long time, but the progress is really slow, although not nonexistent.

I fixed it by deleting the game's folder in AppData, but I don't know where that folder is if you're running Mac.

Uhh, you need to be more precise. There are tons of tutorials, both in video and written form, explaining things much better than I could. If there's anything exact you need help with, I'll be happy to help.

It would certainly be nice to see some more customization.
At first I wanted to add the ability to choose your own company color, but I'm worried that the player could pick a very similar color to a competitor's.

I know you could play in browser on mobile, not sure if it still works.
I might make an .apk version but I'll leave it for much later in the future

Yeah, I know that there are ways to create more complex mods, but I will focus on the Mod Tool, which allows to add the most basic and desirable stuff, for now.

Could you provide more details? What exactly doesn't work? It could be that the package you've selected doesn't support the amount of cores you wish to use.

Uh.. let's say the progress is worse than I'd like it to be