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Beta testing is done over on the Discord server, there isn't any beta version at the moment.

nw.js suddenly stopped running on macOS ages ago, but people have had success running 0.2.11 beta, so I'm hoping it will work in the next update.

As much as you can get in most cases

As long as you aren't struggling to make ends meet, you shouldn't worry about it. Competitors are basically cheating and 0.2.10 is probably the hardest version of the game. The next update should address both problems.

If you are having trouble just staying afloat, then my piece of advice is to make a lot of CPUs and market them well. Don't be afraid to sacrifice some review score in turn for higher profit margins.

Are you playing in a browser? If so, is the game window focused? Can you use other keys such as 1,2,3 to control the time speed?

mn followed by the amount of money you wish to have

mn 500000

Why's that? In 0.2.11 you will be able to also use \

The hotkey was changed to F2 in version 0.2.10

This is a list of previously requested features that will almost certainly never make it into the game.

  • Multiplayer
  • Sabotage, bribes, etc. - just goes against my "vision" for the game
  • Subsidiaries, investments in other companies, stock market - as much as I'd like to add this feature, it wouldn't make much sense with preset competitors. You could simply invest in one company and know when to pay out or buy their shares right before they release a good product.
  • Custom packages & core counts

Post by Haxor in Console wont open -

I don't know why that would happen, all I'm doing is opening a new browser window (with the correct link using https).

It shouldn't be a security risk unless you want to log in using such a connection.

I was thinking of adding a backup hotkey such as '=' or '\'

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It works for me in Edge, Firefox, and IE, I presume a new chromium release broke something. You could try opening the browser's devtools (ctrl+shift+J or F12 I believe), selecting the iframe element the game is within, and typing:


into the developer console.
Or simply try a different browser/desktop version.

However, could you elaborate on the option refusing to work at all? Does the switch not move at all?

EDIT: there's a command for going full screen in the game dev console (that you bring up with F2):


you could try it as well.

Alright, so you're sure that WebGL is on and all the colors in the color picker still look red?
Have you tried downloading the game instead of playing in a browser?

Settings are save specific and only get loaded after loading a save

So you've enabled WebGL and you're still running the game in the browser but now it doesn't load? Can you try clearing the cache and cookies or simply running the game in an incognito tab? You can also download a desktop release.

What do you mean

First of all, 0.2.11 will hopefully fix the late-game balance.
As for tips: make a lot of CPUs especially early on (high CPU levels are very useful), marketing is a blessing (a couple of maxed out campaigns shouldn't ever hurt), and perhaps you're pricing your products wrong? It's often beneficial to sacrifice a bit of score for higher profit margins and vice-versa.

Please check if WebGL is enabled in your browser: How To Enable WebGL(browser) in Chrome (
You can also try downloading a desktop release instead

Are you running the game in a browser? It sounds like WebGL is disabled.

Please provide details pertaining to the problem - what's not working exactly? Could you send a screenshot? Does your system support WebGL and do you have it enabled? 

It was supposed to be 0.3 but I wanted to release a smaller update to fix important things earlier

It's true that it's hard to directly compete with them (Inlet is blatantly cheating) and the latest updates only threw it off even more. I'll be working on keeping the competitors in line in 0.2.11.

I'm assuming you were focused on the game window and using it outside the main menu? As long as you're not holding down the function key the F2 key should work both in browser and on desktop.

Looks neat!

I was actually planning on doing that in a much less limiting engine

No, I did not put a virus in there.
If you mean SmartScreen then it probably does that because it's an unpopular file downloaded from the Internet 

Are you asking how to open the game console or how the game is made? 

Ah okay, that sucks.

I linked a different solution for getting a stand-alone release on mac.


why is it impossible to install the Windows version now? I don't quite follow.

You can also try downloading and running the browser version like so: Post by Football_Inc in Download not working on Mac -

It's a balancing feature, I don't want people to be able to live off just one CPU forever. I will be making adjustments to lower the daily sales and increase the sell time once it's possible to have multiple CPUs selling at once.

What I meant by that is the fact that RISC architectures are best known for being efficient and low-power - like arm. There's a better outline of the idea here.

Hi, could you provide a screenshot? Are you running the game in a browser? If so, is WebGL enabled?

It would make more sense to store the data as a JSON instead, since Hardware Tycoon is a fancy web app. My priority with .htmod was to make the files small and easily shareable, not human-readable, but you can edit them using a text editor too.

Hi, designing multiple CPUs at once is planned, but I do not wish to add CPU series.

You can enable infinite money by clicking the cog in the bottom-left when creating a company and checking the respective checkbox

Hi, those are some good ideas!

Most of them are already described here: Planned features - Suggestions & Ideas -

As for stocks - I might add them as a small distraction for the player eventually, but that's something very low on my list of priorities right now.
I'm considering adding target sectors for products too. For example, server-grade hardware would require high build and stability, while enthusiasts would value performance more.

No, the engine I'm using does not have support for mods.