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Right now I don't think there's a cap to it, but even if you could get to a level higher than 3 it doesn't change anything. Higher level means a bit shorter development time, but I need to buff the effect a little

I don't have my pc atm, I don't know when I will get it back. I have my last exams in a bit over a month so I should have plenty of time afterward.

I'm pretty close, but the things that I still have to do are the worst to work on - they'll take the longest.

Half of the ideas are already implemented in a very basic form to be further expanded on in later updates. The other half that isn't sounds like it's not necessary to have, but would improve the game experience. Thanks for the ideas and the bug report!

It's mostly done, but the stuff that needs work really takes a lot of time for me. And the next couple of weeks I'll be especially busy with school, so no progress then. 0.2 should add more content to the game so there's something to do in the later years.

Thanks! It's true, the game is lacking some content atm.

Thanks for pointing out the typo too.

There is dual core, but very late in the game, and I believe 3GHz is the max but I'm not 100% sure.

Thanks! And yes, I plan on releasing a downloadable version which should hopefully run a bit better

I'll look into it. I didn't think it would be played on mobile, on PC you can change the speed with 1-3 and 0/space

Unfortunately there are no major news, the update is almost finished but with no major progress for weeks. I'm focusing on school and if I find a hour or so I prefer to spend it on entertainment :\ I hope to get something done on my next holiday, but that's still quite far away. I will post about any news here.

I don't think there is any way to tell everyone there is an update on the game page, I'll look into it. There were no updates yet though.

I doubt it. I'd need to get the greenlight for 90$, so that's not happening anytime soon.

Thank you very much! It's not much but it always helps and boosts my motivation. I hope you'll enjoy the next updates too

I don't need any help just now, but thanks anyway!

Thanks for the feedback! It is still missing quite a lot of features, it's just an early version, so updates are on the way.