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Mostly because I have no experience with network features and multiplayer would be a huge undertaking.

I will not add multplayer.

Yes, more hardware is planned after I finish everything CPU-related.

Possibly, after there's more content. You can play it in browser on itch.io on mobile as of now

No, you can try redownloading it, but I doubt it'll solve anything. Your best bet is to google the error and look up a solution. I have no idea about macs so I can't help you.

I do not have a way to test the game on mac and I have no idea what might be causing that. This hasn't been reported before. Perhaps you're missing a framework? Albeit every required one should come with the game files

Yes, you will have to download 0.2.7 manually, but it's not out yet.
And yes, there is not much content as of now.

Yeah, I'm basicially going through everything I've made and giving it a rework. Unfortunately there is still quite some things to do, but after I finish the R&D lab I will be able to focus on adding more content which I know you guys want!

Nope, every song is from incompetech and they aren't copyrighted!
Thanks! The game has come a really long way, and I've never actually thought it could look like this, but I'll make it much better

Yes, you will have to download the game again.

That is planned.

Thank you Kanye, very cool!

already planned

I will add new content once I finish reworking everything (which should be soon)

:((( only sad reactions :((( sad :9(

I honestly don't know. Probably not in 0.2.7, but maybe in 0.2.8 or 0.2.9

Yeah lol, there will be more in the future, after I finish reworking every mechanic

Wait, do you mean spending money on internet transfer?  It might be possible to download only new files with itch.io but that would still save ~40mb max

2014 B.C.

This century if we're lucky

can't tell if you're high or a genius


The update hasn't been released

Depends on your OS, if you have a 64-bit install of Windows (which most of us do) then download Windows 64-bit, unpack it and run Hardware Tycoon.exe

Then what did you expect? There was a warning that you won't make profit with your current price. You can take your CPU off the market, or change its price by clicking on its name on the rightside box.

Can you post a screenshot of this CPU's details? (From history, where units sold and stuff are)


I will

That's planned

Not sure what you mean, is there no option to develop new hardware/research? Or is there just nothing to research? If so then check point 6.: https://itch.io/t/210226/frequently-asked-questions

uhhh very weird. I don't have a mac to test it and it doesn't crash in browser for me. You just open the .app and it closes immediately?

Why? What's wrong with the download?

Whatever I do it just doesn't crash with autosave off, I have no idea what's wrong. Normal exceptions return a popup or an error message..

Yes, but did it crash every time you took a loan?

In browser? On what date were you?

There is one devlog which contains a tiny bit of info about 0.2.7, but I'm not saying anything else just yet.

Unless the crash is reproducible, then that's no reason.
History not being displayed properly has been fixed in 0.2.7. But not containing all of your CPUs? Did that occur after loading a game?

Heh, you're being optimistic...
I'd be happy if you made a video about it, although updates come out sporadically so you'd have to wait

Yeah that can't be a problem. No idea what could cause that. I got past 1997 on browser with autosave on.
And https://itch.io/t/210226/frequently-asked-questions point 2. (so basicially there's no ETA)

Oh that's weird. How many CPUs have you developed? Did you load the game?
Also yeah, there's no way it's the computer's fault.

Did you have autosave on? You can disable it so it doesn't crash

I always read comments to the end lol
The sale formula will recieve a major overhaul, which will make it depend on many more variables (inluding market and used technology), probably around June 2021.
I have lots of achievements planned out, and in 0.2.7 I've added 2 tiny easter-eggs related to names already.
TDP and heat etc. are something I want to add, I don't know how I'll integrate it to the existing gameplay just yet though