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I didn't make them, but my friend who did used Adobe Illustrator iirc.

Nah, nothing as major. I should publish a devlog explaining the new update today.

Well, they are planned to be added to the game, but no one knows when... and thanks, although I won't be as active after my school year begins :/

I haven't released anything yet, there would be a devlog post so you you wouldn't miss it! More about the new version here

I'll make a devlog explaining 0.2.3 tommorow

I still haven't implemented too much, most of my work was in spreadsheets - balancing, tweaking etc. 

Releasing beta versions 1-2 days before the official release is actually a neat idea. Not sure if I'll do that for 0.2.3 because it doesn't mess with anything, but we'll see.


1. That gave me an idea and I think I actually fixed it!

2. I'm not quite sure what you mean, does it take a higher loan than you wanted to...?

1. I have a google spreadsheet with everything about the game, including my to do list and changelog. I could publish it on the wiki though

2. Planned

3. Planned

4. Might do

5. Planned

6. Planned

Thank you for your feedback and please elaborate on the bank glitch, I can't  find anything wrong, maybe I just overlooked something.

Thanks! I could make a discord server, but I don't know if it's necessary - there isn't that much feedback and I answer every question in the comments.


There's nothing I can do, sorry!

It's a known bug, If you're loading a save where a CPU is selling there are minor problems with the game's logic. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it, as this problem is mostly caused by Construct 2's poor save/load support.

At the moment yes, but I plan on adding much more.

Oh. That happens when you load from a slot where a CPU was selling. I was looking for 2 hours for the cause, but could not find anything. It might be just because of the poor save system Construct 2 offers. Your money goes to normal when you take your cpu off market or it stops selling. 

Thanks! Actually before I release the update, it's possible to delete all saves by deleting the game's folder in C:\Users\%YOURUSERNAME%\AppData\Local on Windows. Just delete 'HardwareTycoon' from there and all the data will be gone.

Yeah it works differently on the stand-alone version, that method only works in browser :/ Today is the last day I'm home so I'll try patching this up.

The only option right now is to go into options and delete all save data. Click the menu button in bottom-left corner, then click the last icon and then click delete all save data.

Maybe there is just no cash flow and your money count doesn't change? Could you describe what were you doing at that time

There is no more research at that point, the game is in early stages, far from finished and it doesn't have lots of content yet.

You're probably just setting your CPU's price too low. Always set it at least ~20$ higher than unit cost, maybe even more further into the game.

That is way too low, you should set your price at least 15-20$ higher than it costs to produce it

Thanks for the kind words!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to work too much, beacuse I'm going on holiday and when I come back it's almost time for my next school year :/

Uh.. never happens to me. What prices are you setting, and what's your CPU's unit cost?

I will! At least until my summer holidays end... I don't think I will be able to work much on the game when my school year starts.

I don't want any more people, except me and my friend who does mostly art, at least for now I want to keep it small.


You will be able to sell multiple products, but not of the same type (ex. 2 CPU's at once). At least that's what's planned. I'm also planning on revamping the way you distribute everything, so that might change.

As for the selling time: I have redone the formula completely; I will probably post it on the wiki after 0.2.1 is published. The current one is pretty much entirely based on the rating you see in the review and the max. (with 100/100) is ~284 days.

It's there, it just scales like this and you can't see it. I can't control the chart's width, so I made it clear itself after a while.

Tl;dr fixed in 0.2.1

Thanks for the feedback! That is planned, but I don't know when it'll be added yet.

You probably set its price too low. Always set your hardware's price at least 15$ higher than its unit cost.

Thanks! Keyboards, mouses and other peripherals are planned. As for online distribution: I want to redo the way your hardware is distributed and this fits it well. That's for later though

You can continue to provide ideas, every single one is welcomed!

Hi! That is a nice idea, unfortunately the engine I'm using would make an eventual mod support hard to implement and with very limited functionality.


Here's a list of all researches in 0.2 (which isn't the current version so there are some researches that aren't available in the game yet!)

Yeah, that's true, GDT was an inspiration mainly for the visuals.

As for the update.. I've started working again yesterday, so there SHOULD be an update before the end of the year, it's just the matter of what the update will deliver. If I keep this tempo up, 0.2 might be out this week, but it won't be a major update.

Thanks! I doubt that's ever going to happen though, but we can always hope

I don't remember for sure, but there is not much content after 1973 yet

Nope, nothing of sorts :/ No big progress on the game

Right now I don't think there's a cap to it, but even if you could get to a level higher than 3 it doesn't change anything. Higher level means a bit shorter development time, but I need to buff the effect a little

I don't have my pc atm, I don't know when I will get it back. I have my last exams in a bit over a month so I should have plenty of time afterward.

I'm pretty close, but the things that I still have to do are the worst to work on - they'll take the longest.

Half of the ideas are already implemented in a very basic form to be further expanded on in later updates. The other half that isn't sounds like it's not necessary to have, but would improve the game experience. Thanks for the ideas and the bug report!

It's mostly done, but the stuff that needs work really takes a lot of time for me. And the next couple of weeks I'll be especially busy with school, so no progress then. 0.2 should add more content to the game so there's something to do in the later years.

Thanks! It's true, the game is lacking some content atm.

Thanks for pointing out the typo too.

There is dual core, but very late in the game, and I believe 3GHz is the max but I'm not 100% sure.

Thanks! And yes, I plan on releasing a downloadable version which should hopefully run a bit better

I'll look into it. I didn't think it would be played on mobile, on PC you can change the speed with 1-3 and 0/space