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Hardware Tycoon

Design and sell hardware to outdo the competition in this free tycoon! · By hi

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A topic by hi created Mar 27, 2018 Views: 7,808
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will you add hardware besides CPUs? What will the next hardware type be?
    I want to finish adding core features, improving existing ones, and everything CPU-related first. I am not sure what the next hardware type will be. I'm choosing between sound cards, graphics cards, and motherboards.
  2. When is the next update?
    Please refer to the roadmap.
  3. Help! I can't run the game!
    Please refer to the troubleshooting guide.
  4. What is Hardware Tycoon made in?
    Hardware Tycoon is an HTML5 game made using Scirra's Construct 2. Desktop versions run on nw.js.
  5. Are you looking for help with the game? Is there any way I could help?
    Thanks, but I want to keep this a personal project, besides, I'm not good at working in teams, and Construct 2 projects are hard to collaborate on anyway (especially when they get this messy after 5 years in development...).
    You can help by becoming a beta tester, donating, or simply leaving constructive feedback :)
  6. Can I become a beta tester?
    Of course, as long as there is a beta version available. Join the Discord server to be notified when it is!
  7. Will Hardware Tycoon be available in other languages? Can I help with translation?
    Maybe. I wouldn't expect it anytime soon, making the game feature-complete is a higher priority. I will post a devlog where I ask for people to help translate the game if I decide to translate it.
  8. Why can't I have more than one CPU selling at once?
    Bad early design decisions... I will add the ability to have multiple products on the market in version 0.3.
  9. Will Hardware Tycoon ever cost money/come out on Steam/Epic Store/etc.?
    I wouldn't count on it. Hardware Tycoon isn't anywhere near the point where I would be happy to charge people for it. (Yet.)
  10. Will there be a mobile version?
    Not anytime soon. Finishing the core features is a priority right now. If I decide to make a mobile version, I'd like to make it good with a brand-new UI fit for mobile devices and such.
  11. How much money do you make off of Hardware Tycoon? What do you spend it on?
    In 5 years I've made enough to pay monthly rent twice, so significantly less for the game to become anything more than a hobby project and significantly more than I'd ever imagined. I'm currently saving the money.
  12. Where are the saves located?
    On Windows, they are somewhere in AppData/Local/HardwareTycoon/User Data/Default/IndexedDB
    Good luck editing them though...