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this is absolutely hilarious!

YouTube actually recommended the making of video to me and that's why I'm here! The best recommendation yt gave in a long time :D

isn't that... just playing the game?

oh yes yes yes maybe then the code will actually be readable!

finally :) but no gpus ;(

There is, at least from me!

Oh yes oh yes oh yes! Yay for the changes! And regarding your future plans, it's all up to you to decide of course, but I personally think that while a graphical output would be a little out of place, string support would greatly improve the gameplay and done right would increase difficulty instead of compromising it; for example a level which requires the player to create a terminal would be very challenging and fun at the same time :). And I gotta say, I love this game.

This is one of the best programming games I have ever played! The rating system kinda reminds me of Zachtronics games :D

I couldn't get the animations and hyperlinks working, so I sadly have to leave the jam.

Yes! thank you!

Thanks, but I'm by far the most familiar with PowerPoint so I think I'm gonna stick to it.

Hello! Imma do something if I can get desktop powerpoint working cuz it's my school account and that complicates things.

type h for help in the terminal, its used for testing new releases before they are out.

This game is wonderful! One idea I have for this is a level editor.

if the containers are adjacent to the core they will share their items and thermal generators can be placed on glowing magma tiles like this:Thermal generators

This is how thermal generators should be used in Mindustry

Maybe have different visual sizes for scrap collectors with different capacities?

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I think that the 4 currently existent levels are more than enough to teach all the current mechanics, but I'm not exatly new so I'm not really sure.

Maybe a level editor in the far far far future?

I personally would prefer zones for that, but in the end it's your choice.

Maybe a battery with changing drain rate that depends on whether or not you are using your magnet/moving or how much scrap is attached to the magnet or something completely different?

I think you should include a little bit of combat but not too much. btw this game is absolutely amazing! I love the mechanics, graphigs, story and everything else about this game!


Is this a joke?

at the same time as your funeral

So is the problem with Construct 2 or something related? And the game is awesome, thanks!

Yeah and that is why

you should use SeppoPedia.

And stop

writing like this!

Please stop

writing like that.


but does it require changing the game files?

going to game files and changing them?


yes! finally! I won! it's a little annoying that sometimes all the plants needed doesn't exist tho

I would say: "Very promising, keep working and this will turn out to be an awesome game".

Finally! Thanks!

That kind of spamming will just make their work slower and if they rush it will be just buggy and unusable and even possibly cause bugs to other parts of the game too.

SO NOPE!!!                                                                                       Kuvahaun tulos haulle nope

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Wonderful! I have nothing else to say because this is so great

now programming should be automated

What is that yellow goo in front of those cows? And I like that how you changed the arrow to be bidirectional in those buildings that have both input and output in same tile