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but does it require changing the game files?

going to game files and changing them?


yes! finally! I won! it's a little annoying that sometimes all the plants needed doesn't exist tho

I would say: "Very promising, keep working and this will turn out to be an awesome game".

Finally! Thanks!

That kind of spamming will just make their work slower and if they rush it will be just buggy and unusable and even possibly cause bugs to other parts of the game too.

SO NOPE!!!                                                                                       Kuvahaun tulos haulle nope

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Wonderful! I have nothing else to say because this is so great

now programming should be automated

What is that yellow goo in front of those cows? And I like that how you changed the arrow to be bidirectional in those buildings that have both input and output in same tile


Or is it crane?

And what is that trebucket/catapult

Wow! Does it require any kind of fuel?

did you notice that soil comes a little bit over water?

look at the wiki

one is Aaron and the other one is Gary


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Hey maybe you can something like coinhive I know it's meant for web pages but maybe you can modify it someway to adapt it to work with autonauts EDIT you can make it so that before getting Autonauts files the user is recuired to solve some number of hashes so you get money from those hashes. And I know I explained that weirdly but think about it