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Awesome game

A topic by spectrefiveseven created May 08, 2019 Views: 162 Replies: 9
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I created an account just to express how great I think this game is. It is so simple but it is fun and a little challenging at times. This game is free to play, but if it was a bit more complete with some more features it would be the kind of indy game that I wouldn't mind paying $9.99 for on steam. I hope the dev keeps working on this! 


Also, I love the Easter Egg when you put your name as "Jeff"

Thanks! I will keep working on it thanks to people like you :D

This Game is amazing! Really! I am so high rn. i literally ruled the market (maybe not just me), this game is amazing. i enjoyed. like countless. i love how we can develop 

CPUs. it's a lot of fun. i've been stuck playing it until right now! Applaud you good sir.

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i do have a problem on opening the app itself. one click = instant crash. is this a bug just for me? anyway, i can still play on the site, thank you.

My mac version is OSX 10.13.6 (17G65)

Thanks! I swear I want to make it much better.

The mac issue is known, I can't seem to be able to fix it as it's a nw.js issue. Perhaps the next update will help because it uses the newest version of it.

Okie ^^

I do understand that it's still under dev, so... yeah, i enjoy it though! again, i'm lucky i can still play in the web browser ^^ 

So is the problem with Construct 2 or something related? And the game is awesome, thanks!


Yes, it doesn't seem to be anything I could fix myself.
Thank you for the kind words!


Hello everybody, im nineday!

I love this game, sadly, the 90's have nothing, no content, and so on anymore

Like, come on, I know this is still pretty early, and ur anime is great,

But why can't you just make the modding thing better, the peeps create things, while you can watch 2019 Anime!