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Okie ^^

I do understand that it's still under dev, so... yeah, i enjoy it though! again, i'm lucky i can still play in the web browser ^^ 

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i do have a problem on opening the app itself. one click = instant crash. is this a bug just for me? anyway, i can still play on the site, thank you.

My mac version is OSX 10.13.6 (17G65)

This Game is amazing! Really! I am so high rn. i literally ruled the market (maybe not just me), this game is amazing. i enjoyed. like countless. i love how we can develop 

CPUs. it's a lot of fun. i've been stuck playing it until right now! Applaud you good sir.

hey, it's me from the bool escape game. i loved it so much!

i would like to try this one next. the bool one got me ready for MORE. i would try all your games. i hope you can come up with more sometime! time to try some games, i will need to trigger up all my "scared" face to come up, horror movies don't seem to work much on me no more. having an fps horror

game ups the level. thanks again!

cool! i just realized on how MANY times i made  a key. 

This Is amazing! even word's can't describe how! it is rather scary and very cool at the same time. but i LOVE that! the coding on other players (wether different place or network) it is very amazing! the art style, the music, all of that! wow! applause to you, good sir! i am currently editing a video i made about this. you'd love the reactions XD i have played a couple of times already! can't wait for new stuff you make!