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Development Plan - SPOILERS Sticky

A topic by Hayes2D created 83 days ago Views: 225 Replies: 22
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Developer (4 edits) (+1)

It might look like chaos but I do have a plan! this thread will be full of planned features and where possible a timeline. Though everything will change as I make progress and get feedback I find it really helps to have some sort of plan.

Any features you think I've missed or anything you think I should prioritise, let me know!

Planned features:

  • Valuable but weaker scrap pickups. I already have everything g in place for these.
  • Circular saw blades, moving and static. There is a reason scrap farmers are missing limbs.
  • Super magnets: magnetic power up that increases ScrapBots magnetic pull until it is depleted or the magnet is toggled.
  • Magnetic health pickups. Drop them off at a scrap collector to repair. They’re  going to become an essential mechanic as the levels get more dangerous.
  • Magnetic bombs. Release your magnet to drop them onto enemies.
  • Magnetic turrets. These would use adjacent scrap as ammo! I also have an idea to have NPC’a with metal parts and weapons. I just need to decide if I should go none combat or not.
  • Static turrets that use specific ammo with a drop-off mechanic similar to the scrap collectors. Might give some levels a tower defence feel.
  • Magnetic lanterns. I have the systems in place for these. I have an idea to use them with an enemy that is scared away by the light from them.
  • Enemies that are scared of light.
  • Enemies that have their own magnet and can try drag you to danger.
  • Enemies with guns.
  • Simple bash enemies.
  • EMP enemies that can disable your magnet.
  • EMP Fields where your magnet is unusable.
  • Moving platforms, not dangerous to the player but will make it harder to move breakable scrap.
  • Magnetic steel blocks for blocking enemy advances. I already have the systems in place for this.
Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Right now, my focus is on getting the player use to the base mechanics before I start adding bigger threats such as obstacles and higher value but weaker scrap. 

Hopefully by the end of the first 5 levels the player will have a good idea of how to control ScrapBots magnetic hull and how the shape of attached scrap can both be used as a tool and a hindrance. I’ve hinted at some of this during level 3. Did anybody notice this?

(1 edit)

I think that the 4 currently existent levels are more than enough to teach all the current mechanics, but I'm not exatly new so I'm not really sure.


I think you might be right!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I have some ideas for adding combat to the game such as magnetic bombs and turrets that use scrap as ammo. 

The question is, do I keep the game none combat or do I include the option for both?

I think you should include a little bit of combat but not too much. btw this game is absolutely amazing! I love the mechanics, graphigs, story and everything else about this game!


Thanks very much! I think the key is to be sparing with it. Use it almost like a rewards instead of a means to completion. Don't know exactly how I'll do it but that's the goal I'm aiming for.


Should I add a level timer? 

On the plus side it would give players wanting more difficulty an option.  My main worry is that there isn’t any in game contextual reason for it. 

Is there a way of adding a timer contextually in a game like Super ScrapBot? Alternatively, is there another mechanic I could use to add an extra bit of optional difficulty into the game?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


Levels now have a timer! Now to see how it plays out.

Maybe a battery with changing drain rate that depends on whether or not you are using your magnet/moving or how much scrap is attached to the magnet or something completely different?


Sounds about right!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

should I give scrap collectors a limited capacity?

If I did, when they were full they could fly off the level or become locked. Doing this I could add more complexity to the level design. It does make sense contextually which is another plus but I do worry that it might drastically change the feel of the game. 

Any suggestions? 


I've added limited capacity to scrap collectors. They now become locked when full and a traffic light shows how full it is. So far they have worked really well in level 4.

Maybe have different visual sizes for scrap collectors with different capacities?


Hate to admit it but you're totally right. Makes a more sense to the player. Just need to work out what levels to set them too. I think I'm already making gate costs fairly consistent so it should be easy to find the numbers with some tweaking.


I'm currently changing the dialogue trigger to a more universal event trigger with a set of instance variables and bools. I'm hoping with this system in place I can make some more interesting objectives. It at the very least stops it being such a static system.

Maybe a level editor in the far far far future?


hahaha, maybe one day!


Super Magnets!

Magnetic pick ups that, while your magnetic is active and before the pickup is depleted increase the range of your magnetic pull. Would allow for some fun time based puzzles. 

Another option would be to have a zone that does the same thing.

I personally would prefer zones for that, but in the end it's your choice.


I've been thinking on this and I think that proximity to a none magnetic generator would power the effect for X seconds. I could then net a few together to create a zone.

Working on a new tileset! 

I've not been a fan of the old one for some time but haven't been able to come close to anything better until now. It does mean that the levels look a little broken right now. What do you think?


More progress on the new scrapyard tileset!