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i made a video of the game, i love it

idk what this game is about, text makes it hard to read. so ima make a video o n this blind, i mean i usaly do anyway, but thats besides the point!

the video should be up Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. :)

game doesn't even fucking work! all it dose is crash and nothing else. this thing is a joke!

i finaly completed the game!!!!!

no problem man :]

i did a video, the game was very fun! I highly recommend this game.

part one dropped today

i wasnt trying to be rude. I was just trying to be funny. i understand my humor is shit. :/ :P

i just think Haxor gave up on this game, he got bored and lazy to even bother trying to update this bitch. how sad :(

on the bright side i hear 2.9 should be released in the year 2030 when Haxor will start to give a shit and get off his lazy fuck ass! :D

we can only hope my friends!!!

this game was pretty cool.

here a video i did of the game.

not proud of this video, but still did it.

ment to post this video here but forgot.

did this video a while back, and forgot to post this here.

if you want to watch my play through!

haxor stop watching hentai and get to work

cant record it cause my software dosent detect it

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game needs, nothing loaded correctly. Kinda annoying cause your game looks awesome.

game keeps crashing, so it shit. can play only a minute.

thank you

Yo hexorcan I get an updated chart of the resarch plz

cool cant wait!

Hey hexor I've been playing your game for a couple of days now, and now I wish to give you some awesome ideas if you didn't think of them already.

One idea I had was have [in certain years] store open and also to have online stores appear to sell your hardware. Some the names could be Great Buy,  Amezin, and Freshegg. and also the stores would and could go out of business depending on the year.

And the other idea I had for the game is for you to sell keyboards and mouses. that's self-explanatory.

Hope you liked these ideas and hope a new update comes out real soon. I will also continue to give you ideas as they come to me! :)