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Design pixelart effects and render them to .png sprite sheets or .gifs. · By CodeManu

Exported PNG (by frames) does not match render

A topic by polaritybear created Apr 27, 2019 Views: 447 Replies: 8
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The ensuing animation looks all like stuttering, not smooth. Like there are extra frames that throw the animation off and make it look bad. I am trying for a looping animation of fire.  Is there some settings I do not know about?


Hi there!

Could you send me a video or gif about how the animation looks in the program and after being export? I can't reproduce this issue.


I have the same problem but with png sprite sheet export. The exporter adds padding so small that my other software can't correct it and so the animation shifts everytime images from a new row are animated.

Example. I exported 120 frames at 66x66 px. The exported sprite sheet has 12 rows and 12 colums and  is 800x800px (!!) which means  each "frame" is 66.666667x6.666667px and it is impossible to remove the 0.333 padding around the frames. I would appreciate if you could fix it, otherwise great software :)

I also noticed that the emitter origin jumps to a different position when i load a project, this is kind of frustrating. I would like an option to center the emitter to the canvas.

Thank you in advance!

I am dropping the exported image into Game Maker Studio 2 if that makes a difference. Anyways I tried just using a spritesheet PNG export and that worked fine for me.

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Hi, i have similar issues, when exporting to PNG,

each frame has a tiny offset, and at the end of a row, the frames are not aligned anymore, which makes the sprite sheet unusable.

<hi sorry to raise an old post, but I'm having this issue. The rendered animation looks good in pixel FX, but once exported as a sprite sheet, it's stuttering (like if the center of my explosion move a little bit randomly).  

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Having similar issue. Exporting into Unity. Fine in PFX but once exported individual frames are a few pixles off position-wise, causing jitter on animation sequences.

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Having this same issue on 1.1.60

if there is no fix for this I may have to look into a refund, because this makes the tool unusable, without having to do a ton of tedious extra work.
To be clear, this is also happening with exported PNG sprite sheets. not just Gif export.



Could you provide the steps to reproduce this issue and the project file?