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[Reviewers Needed]

A topic by Tobop Productions created Oct 24, 2016 Views: 446 Replies: 7
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Hey everyone!

Who here makes let's play vids? I've tried various people, and they're all busy or not interested at the moment.

I am willing to pay -say $10 for a review above 5 min (negotiable) - doesn't matter how mean, or crass you are about the review.

Let me know if you're up for it :)

hey as a youtuber and a video game maker myself i will do it for free sadly i dont have many subs but im great at making trailers and if you make it for linux then i can do it for you which win win i will get more subs and you will get more downloads if your up to it message me at or (805)-573-1204 :)

I'm also willing to do it for free. I'm also not a very big youtuber like magicgames.

Thanks for the responses so far.

I'll get around to sending links etc - but mainly the game I wanted reviewed was Zombie Quarantine.

It's a nasty little game. Hehe - very difficult. But imo it's still fun. Here's some level walkthroughs / spoilers if you get stuck.

Hello Tobop.

Are you still looking for people to play your game because I'm thinking about starting up a new miniseries of playing indie games or just doing them in streams.

Hi BBP Games,

Sounds awesome! I've tried it myself somewhat. The internet speed here isn't' fantastic but I might try again.
Send me links when you're ready, I'll show up :)

I have played many games in almost every genre. Therefore, I believe that I can be a value reviewer to you. Should I email you?

Hey! Yeh for sure, the more the better. Email or PM through itch is fine. I check up on this reguarly.