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Is there a food eating system to keep the squirrel alive, or only just hiding?

Love the visual style bruh!

You had me at "are based in a real incident that will happen in January 2021".

like the pixel art

nice powerups


is there a trailer?

is there a lot of tracks?

nice background

I have played many games in almost every genre. Therefore, I believe that I can be a value reviewer to you. Should I email you?

it's good dude

You sooo need a banner or cover!

The street play looks really good.

I have wanted to do a small weird game for a while, but I have limited skills in unityscript only. C# is definitely over my head for now. It sounds like you have some vision of what you'd like. I'll send you an email, but I really don't have much experience to show unfortunately. :-D

Is there a way to do multiplayer to build a army of blue guys?

Don't Get a Virus community · Created a new topic neat

This really scares me but I thikn its neat.

is there trailer?

like the nastalgic sounds

good graphics dude

pixel fire ftw

nice style

how do you make that cover?

i like it dude

long live thee!