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programmer wanted

A topic by Timothy Courtney created Nov 15, 2016 Views: 402 Replies: 2
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Hi, I'm Timothy Courtney. ( - I'm thinking about a side project, and I'm looking for someone like this:

* good programmer/hacker (preferably, you got the c# skills)

* fire in your belly to complete something

* you don't mind programming/hacking strange and edgy design ideas

* your friends cry cuz you're so much better than them at Unity (or you don't have any friends but want one, and just one)

* you're a do-er

* you read through the docs on the daily, like nobody's business

If this sounds like you, email

Hello! I emailed you just now. This is very interesting. Stranger is more fun to me! I think I would be very good programming it, as my skills have been improving considerably.

I have wanted to do a small weird game for a while, but I have limited skills in unityscript only. C# is definitely over my head for now. It sounds like you have some vision of what you'd like. I'll send you an email, but I really don't have much experience to show unfortunately. :-D