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is the tenth chapter the last or there's dlc?

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic is stable to play?

is there bugs so I cannot play?

like cute gta

dont cry!

font is a little hard to read but i like your art stlyish

Amazeface community · Created a new topic I like the Star

it's very mario like

pretty graphics

Could you add a trailer or gif pls?

intresting concept

does this work with gamepad?

neat and your gif looks good. how did u make it?

stomp stomp stomp!!!

this is exackly what ive been looking for. thanks so much!!!!

wow just wow, very refressing feel.

yes yes yes mmmmmmoooooore

I really liked the ascii titles and wimsical nature.

This has potential!

Oh thank you. I really needed this for seancing

does anyone know if x86 version is working proprely ??

coca cola

I like the colors of gren and the glitch affect a lot!!

Will there be a windows version?

Interesting concept. Please take it furhter.

Hello! I emailed you just now. This is very interesting. Stranger is more fun to me! I think I would be very good programming it, as my skills have been improving considerably.

Looks very intresting to me.