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New games feed

A topic by Voided Pixels Studio created Oct 21, 2016 Views: 335 Replies: 4
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There should be a new games feed posted on the main page. Keep the new games in the list for a week. A lot of new good games get kind of lost here.


A lot of the games that appear in the new feed tend to quick projects with no effort put into their creation. How do you recommend, if at all, we filter a new games feed for the homepage?

Not really sure. I'd recommend you not filter them at all. I'd imagine the extra labor it would cost to do that. Maybe a most recently updated section? That would catch all the projects people are still working on. I just feel like I have to dig through several layers of searching to get to anything I haven't seen before. Anyone else have ideas?

Interesting point. Here's a though - has a similar setup with a ton of submissions on a daily basis. Now, mind you - a good portion of them are not really the best. But either way the last 10 most recent submissions get listed on the home page.

The site takes in a lot of submissions, but it also empowers its users to vote on games. Games that get a very low rating get buried. Games that do substantially well get voted to the top of the list for the day. The next day, the top 10-20 games that have been voted get listed in a section of the site. Returning users know where to go to play the best games from the day before and the 'Latest' list gets filled with the current day's submission.
The top games for the weeks are reviewed by the staff and they pick the best games for the week to be featured on the home page. This way, the content is always fresh, and new noteworthy games get featured.

Just a thought.


I like that system too. It would also help the admins by the community filtering the good and bad games for them. I like this system better actually :).