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Incest was not included in the game description.

A topic by Maxime Martyr created Apr 06, 2019 Views: 3,355 Replies: 15
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I am playing Town of Passion and I enjoy it so far but there is something which really makes me feel awkward.

It is that Mary is named "Mom" in some parts of the game (the quests journal, the text box that the man says when if the player tries to go up the village in the quest Chicken Chase II ("Mom said that the chickens didn't go that far."),  the Holiday Outfit crafted by the fairy whose description says it is for "Mom", when Rose catches the man reading 49 shades of pink and proposes him to practice with her what he learns from it but don't tell about it to "his mother"...

Also, Rose is refered to as his aunt, which means that they are family related.

You didn't mention that there would be incest in this game and since you changed the man's mother into his maid, I assume that you don't mean to include incest in the game.

These references to Mary as his mother and Rose as his aunt make me feel awkward when I date them so may I humbly request from you to complete Mary's change of identity to finish changing any remaining reference to her as his mother  and change any reference to Rose as his aunt please?

Otherwise I enjoy the game, even if a lot of things that I encounter are "not implemented yet". ;-3 

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Alright I give up.

There are too many references which state that Mary is the man's Mom so I can't believe anymore that she is his Maid, it becomes too obvious that she is his Mom and that he has an Oedipus complex.

I wish you said from the begining that this game is about Oedipus complex as I am not into this fetish and now I feel awkward to play a game which is not meant for me.


The simple reason that there can't be no mentioning in the "official" game description is Patreon's silly censorship of the topic. But legally Mary is indeed his maid, calling girls "mother" or "aunt" is just a roleplay. For example some people also call a nun "sister", but it's not meant to be you-know-what either ...

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Oh come on, don't play dumb with me, it doesn't take a genius to realize that she IS his mother and that Rose IS his aunt. :-3

I don't give a shit to legal crap, I care only about my own morals and I am pretty open-minded so I am able to understand and accept a lot of things.

What really bothers me though  is that you attempted to censor the game by changing Mary into his maid instead of his mother but since she was originally his mother, there are A CRAZY LOT of remaining references to her as his mother and that messes up the game's consistency and generates confusion so just uncensor the game, remove this fucking starting screen which asks the player to choose what Mary is to him which completely messes up the game as the game doesn't actually care about what the player wants her to be, to the game, she is his mother and that's it, so asking to the player to choose something that the game doesn't give a shit about is pointless and harms the game's consistency so just remove this choice and the game will be fine again.

And never censor yourself or there is no point to create.

If you want to create something, it is because there is something on your mind and you want to express it, right?

If you censor yourself, if you forbid yourself to express what is on your mind, then you will become complexed and turn bad.

So just let it out! Express what is on your mind and deal with it to the best of your capacities. ;-)

I'm goint to be honest, I still am not into Oedipus complex fetish, however I do enjoy Town of Passion because Mary and his boy are just too cute and Rose and his nephew are just too fun. :-3

If you had mentioned that there is incest and Oedipus complex in the game, I know I wouldn't have wanted to play it because I am not into intergenerational incest.

I'm fine with incest between siblings and cousins if it is because of unlimited love and not uncontrolled lust but I don't feel comfortable with parent/child sexual relationships, something bothers me about it.

At least usually. Because you made it in such a cute way in Town of Passion that once I accepted that they were his mother and his aunt, I had no more problem with it.

As long as he doesn't get them pregnant.

Because that would go too far, even for my open mind, just imagine, Mary would be both the mother and the grand-mother of the child while the man would be both the father and the brother and Rose would be both the mother and the grand-aunt while the man would be both the father and the cousin, think about their genealogical tree, the mess it would be and how confused the children would be with such mixed up relationships.

This is why I accept Mary and Rose relationships with their man but no more if he gets them pregnant, that is my tolerance limit.

So actually, I'm not mad at you because you made the man of Valencia be in love with his mother and his aunt, I'm mad at you because you confused me and made the game being messed up with your censorship asking me to choose what I want Mary to be to him while the game is made for her to be his mother, this is why I started thinking that she is his maid then became increasingly confused as the game increasingly told me that she is his mother, and even still now that I realized and accepted that she is actually his mother, the game sometimes tells me that she is his maid, that annoys me, just keep consistent and stop bothering me with the maid bullshit already!


Its not his censor ship though, he kind of has to do it like that because of Patron's stupid rules.

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Then he chooses to censor himself in order to be conform to Patreon rules.

That is still his choice as long as he could choose to reject Patreon who rejects his true self.

The fact is that turning the mother into a maid really causes heavy damages to the game's consistency.

Anyway, I have stopped to play this game because I can't take seriously a game whose creator doesn't assume, among other reasons.

I feel like you're missing the point, that at long as they just "suggest" his relationship with her to be a maid, they are free to continue writing the story the way they wanted to do it, while still being able to continue their business and make a living via Patreon. All you as a player have to do to get the "intended" experience is label their relationship as mother/son.

The creators didn't "censor themselves" in the slightest, they altered some text (that you are given the option to change back) to get past the people that would censor them, and continued making the story they wanted to make.

So basically, what you say is that the creator censored themselves in order to prevent other people to censor them.



lol... you’re playing a cartoon video game that is based around nailing every chick in a village (potentially slaying up to 5 girls a day) and it shows it quite graphically... I don’t think anyone gets to draw a line in the sand about moral stand points hahaha.

I think the point that is being missed here is that this game isn’t designed to be over thought and analysed. You make Mary whoever you want and whatever strikes your fancy... it’s a role playing game. Not real life, it’s not meant to be taken as seriously as real life.

Leave your morals for real life and just enjoy fantasy games for what they are. Fictional stories that we have semi control over.

I think Siren has bigger things on his/her plate creating this game than people getting unnecessarily offended by overlookable details

Rant over #micdrop

Best Reply.


You don't say!? It's pretty obvious, it's a common practice to add disclaimer that there isn't any of that. This is pretty much the only reason I play this game and that Zombie Retreat.

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I think they changed from mom to maid but forgot to change some dialogue. Thats what happened in Summertime Saga and Milfy City

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Sorry, that I'm late. They put in a trigger that activates a switch to change the dialogue. I tested out when I created my new game. On the first new game that I made I put in the default names and there was no incest dialogue. On the second new game, I changed Mary to Mom and it triggered the relationship switch which switched to the incest dialogue. That way they could bypass Patreon's policy because the player would have to explicitly change the name.

Ah, I see. That's very interesting. Thought when I put it on Mary it still refers to her as mom sometimes. Like in the wardrobe