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Ah, im relieved then. 

Be sure to keep your wider community informed aswell please <3 

(by putting out updates on or other sites)

y'all went real quiet after this...

i love you.


Definitely looking forward to it! :)

Town of Passion community · Created a new topic Mac-OS ?

Is there any possibility this game will be available for Mac users?

Scenes instantly are nice and all but, what leads up to it is just as important! consider it...foreplay. If i'd just wanted scenes i'd look up any porn video, although, if the cheat menu was only added in patreon builds, i most certainly wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks at the guy <3

With all due respect to everyone and their unique ways of playing, may I suggest adding a cheat menu? I hope that doesn't sound too outrageous..

I'm sure some people enjoy the gameplay mechanics as I among them appreciate the coding and work the author is putting themself through. but.. may you add a menu that can help you get to your desired results faster?

Speaking from a very personal level I can't seem to keep my boner up for too long in-between sexual sequences so I'd really appreciate this..


doesnt may not have noticed but macs dont have "appdata", i tried the go to command but it wouldnt work, any run down on getting into the files manually?..

thanks <3

I really enjoyed the brilliant writing system of the game. not one to be aroused by it. i got through my first sexual act with the Amazonian and i have to ask...are there no sex scenes? pictures? anything? is it just text?

Best Reply.

huh, it seems were both stuck hung up on a game the developer abandoned ? damn.

Dude, i was having the same problem regarding the being stuck part. How do i get  to the second chapter? Hopefully SLim would notice soon