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A topic by Master_Baiter created 45 days ago Views: 1,666 Replies: 3
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With all due respect to everyone and their unique ways of playing, may I suggest adding a cheat menu? I hope that doesn't sound too outrageous..

I'm sure some people enjoy the gameplay mechanics as I among them appreciate the coding and work the author is putting themself through. but.. may you add a menu that can help you get to your desired results faster?

Speaking from a very personal level I can't seem to keep my boner up for too long in-between sexual sequences so I'd really appreciate this..


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Classic cheats like more money on startup would not help your boner here. ;-) You need more a kind of access to all scences instantly. The patreon version of HOS have of gallery, where you can look pics without the need to play the game.

Scenes instantly are nice and all but, what leads up to it is just as important! consider it...foreplay. If i'd just wanted scenes i'd look up any porn video, although, if the cheat menu was only added in patreon builds, i most certainly wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks at the guy <3

First you want a faster way to reach your desired results faster without spending to much time between the sexual sequences, then you want the foreplay?

As i said you can add classic cheats like more money or higher starting corruption on Kelly to boost the triggering of the scenes. On my tests i always start with more money now, this speed up the boring working for money clicks. But starting with high corruption on Kelly could lead to uncontrolled behavior, because lategame logic triggers before early game logic without testing this.

But i understand you. The gallery in patreon is limited to visual only and also missing the flow and the charm from the story.

What you need is a kind of ingame storymode or trainermode boosting you from one action to next action. Perhaps starting game with more money and high corruptions on all chars could reflect this, if game logic is not killed by that.