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What if Jimmy is actually a girl?

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If you click that Scroll icon in the bed room when some event is about to play downstairs it results a bugged screen.

Fara's status is bugged after Tradition, it stays at level 3 saying to have a tradion with her. EDIT: Looks like there was another event a week after.

Luna isn't in the Living room at level 2. EDIT: She somehow appeared after I came from the kitchen side days later.

House Chores community · Created a new topic 0.2

Girl's room says Sis's room before you meet her but you get to choose her relation to you later?

Couldn't empty the soap bottle just like in 0.1

Pretty cool game,

You could add some filter to crafting menu so it wouldn't show recipes you cannot make.

Some accessory stats are too low imo, things like +2% evasion chance isn't worth it.

Tier 2 items didn't feel that much better, damage output and defense was still pretty much the same compared to tier 1. Maybe increase the stat gap between tiers?

Talk events are piling up very fast and you end up viewing them one after another, maybe lower relationship point gain or add some conditionals?

If only Leru was bigger and taller in every way..


Didn't know about that game, thanks. I've loved that one so far as well, sadly the dev have stopped making these games, but luckly he uploaded an uncensored version of the game for everyone to play.

Looks like Siren's Zombie's Retreat is almost 1 to 1 copy of Nergal's A Zombie's Life, I'm pretty sure he has mentioned it somewhere before.

In the room full of those demon pillar things where you seal that portal, collision boxes of some pillars seem to remain after sealing.

I agree, it's just that Perverteer have put so much effort to create those backgrounds. A simple ambient in the background would improve the experience greatly. It's basically just a short line of code to be added in the script to make sound playing. I've used Renpy for years myself.

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This VN needs some background music or ambient noise, and sfx could be added like opening doors and using keyboard etc..

Personally I dislike that your sisters don't look like mom, maybe Rachel a bit. 

At some point story got on rails and there was no choices anymore, like around day 8 to day 16. Haven't finished yet. Looks like if you miss some choices, the person becomes irrelevant and just "vanishes" from the story.

Otherwise pretty decent VN.

House Chores community · Created a new topic Wish list

Siren, I would wish for these:

- Toggle on/off voice.

- No fade to black in lewd scenes when our boy cums.

- Sprite sex scenes

- More hidden stuff to find and more general interactables

- And of course, the experience of the ToP and ZR

Reply your wishes here.

I'm completely opposite, I like this face design.

Only issue I find is that some scenes are done in a rush and it shows, like one animation looks like it was resized too much from the original so the line art becomes pixelated.

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Siren, Could you add "Toggle Voice" button in the options? Some characters have completely wrong type of voice.

Also, you could add some more variation to penetration and other sound effects.

Are you even running the latest version of the game? I doubt he would put the sign and cave entrance behind some variable to trigger it.

Siren, you could add an option to sneak in her bed at late night (to sleep) based on the relationship level, maybe she could be (positively) surprised in the morning, and perhaps (slightly) angry/ uncomfortable if relationship score is too low. Option could become available maybe not right at the beginning of the game but couple/few days after but before the lewds.

Rachel in spooky costume beside the TV, trigger doesn't disappear after she's taken to party.

Keep it in one thread.

There should be women with smaller breasts as well for some variety. Not that I don't like them big. If only we would get some towering amazon mommy.

Funny, I heard the gate creak when opened even though my sounds were muted..

Harry should be covering the zippo flame with his other hand to reflect some of the light forward from his palm and prevent being blinded by it in the dark.

So far it's been roughly every 2 months. He has 3 wonderful ongoing projects.

Try these.
House Chores community · Created a new topic Pretty nice.
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I love your games. Gonna beta test this one as well with pleasure.

Feedback about the story, I think things escalated a bit too fast, I hope there will be more build up before the lewds. Right now it's really low hanging fruit.

Keep up the good work.

Google translated: 仅限英语 (English only)

It resets names etc.. See game guide.

Try this

Your games have tendency to show black screen when our guy ejaculates in the scenes. This is bad practice. A simple animation of throbbing shaft and spurt of white liquid would make it much better overall. Just my thoughts.

I would recommend to fix the image and the animation to be more anatomically correct, give our guy something to stand on to get his dick off his belly. Shouldn't be time consuming to fix it.

They will probably capture our MC and burn him on stake at the local church.

Does Siren read these bug reports? Is there some summary page for all the bugs?

Pages gives 404 error, probably deleted account.

MC's walk animation sprite has some annoying dot on the left side. It's visible when you walk left on light colored ground.

Yes, you get 5 pellets at the beginning of the game and I never used any.

One of the best fetishes.

I didn't get this kind of glitch. Latest PC version.

Not sure, but you probably have win10 and your game doesn't have required privileges to access your harddrive.

You don't say!? It's pretty obvious, it's a common practice to add disclaimer that there isn't any of that. This is pretty much the only reason I play this game and that Zombie Retreat.

when dialogue window pops up. It resumes playing after menu choice.