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Escaped Chasm

​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. · By temmie

BitDefender hates this game.

A topic by derpeyman28 created Apr 06, 2019 Views: 1,698 Replies: 7
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I think this screenshot speaks for itself.

The game is literally unplayable in this state.

Yeah, that seems to be a recurring issue in applications using NWJS. Try downloading the Same Game but with RPGMaker icon version (which was uploaded so antiviruses complain less) and if that doesn't work either try adding an exception to BitDefender.

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Just do yourself a favor and uninstall BitDefender. All anti-viruses from thirdparties are causing more problems than they solve nowadays. Since you're competent enough to use, you definitely don't need an anti-virus that just preemptively blocks harmless programs to make you think it's being useful and protecting you.

Edit: To make this more clear as mentioned bladededge below, Windows Defender (by Microsoft) is fine and you should definitely keep it on. I am only talking about *thirdparty* anti-virus products.


Just so you know, i'm having the same problem with Malwarebytes Premium. It's labelled the game.exe.bak, escaped chasm 2.exe, and escaped chasm.exe all as Generic.Malware/Suspicious.


t.yamade above is giving very bad advice. Do not uninstall your antivirus unless you are immediately replacing it with another antivirus. Windows Defender is an acceptable antivirus if you are on Windows.

Can confirm Bitdefender flags this as a false positive for regular version. No issue with the alt. version without custom icon. Virustotal shows a consensus that the executables are not malicious and I ran them in a win7 VM with hijackthis and procmon just to be sure, doesn't look like the executables are doing anything weird. I was giving my folder an antivirus exception for a bit, but I think I'll just use the version of the game without the custom icon.

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Yes, absolutely leave Windows Defender on. I see Windows Defender as a part of Windows and don't even put it on the same level as all these thirdparty anti-virus 'products'.

Companies who distribute anti-virus programs are motivated to take your money and want you to believe you need them. Windows Defender is made by Microsoft and they already got your money when you bought Windows, they don't care and don't tread on a fine line between legit business and flat out scamming you.

I will edit my post to exclude Windows Defender more clearly. I have to deal with computers not functioning properly due to these non-Microsoft (thirdparty) anti-virus programs every day through work. Frankly they clearly cause more damage than actual viruses in my experience.

Also, Windows 10 will get a built-in sandbox feature soon. Just run anything you're uncertain about in that sandbox. This is safer than any such anti-virus could ever hope to be and won't get in your way either.


Kaspersky screws it up too.

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Malwarebytes saved my computer from being wrecked. Uninstall it if you want no protection against your computer Address, IP and special details.