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t i m e t o g e t a n o t h e r h i g h s c o r e

l o l

Well, i am the champion now. Cheers for anyone who beats me.

Well, i am the champion for now.

Thanks a lot.

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Malwarebytes saved my computer from being wrecked. Uninstall it if you want no protection against your computer Address, IP and special details.

What the hell is this? even the comments are affected by it!

Decade Jam community · Created a new topic But why?

Why is a decade enough to make a game that would have probably taken 15m to make, then wait the decade?

(Not a submittor btw)

Hmm, this definetly isnt suspicious for them to drop like flies.

You must make the game playable on 32, 86 and 64 bits, Because everyone operates on different systems, CPUs, ETC.

I am really just wondering about it.

I dont have the space or age to even get this game, but it looked AMAZING in the trailer.  Also, a little question TacoSalad, Instead of hiring thousands of translators, couldnt you use google translator?