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I found this on the PSCave website. Just completed the game. Thoughts:

I am super happy that others fans of classic Phantasy Star have this level of enthusiasm. While nintendo titles like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound still get tons of fan creator love to this day, Phantasy Star seems sadly forgotten.

While the english script is a litle janky, it's not so bad that it takes me out of things. Phantasy Star IV's original american english script had a few weird quirks and strange translation choices and this sort of preserves the same feel.

Asia is an irritating character. The tone in general is much goofier than PS4, and Asia in particular ruins basically every cutscene. This is a shame because the scenes are otherwise well done with an appreciable level of effort put into them. I don't find her funny and she's overused.

The entire game production-wise is incredible. Music, custom spritework, cutscene panels, everything shows a very professional level of quality. I expect the lack of animated tiles in dungeon designs and in battle scenes is an RPGmaker limitation and not a lack of effort on the devs' part.

The music is lovely. Motavia Field is excellent and could fit nicely into any collection of Tokuhiko Uwabo's work. Props and appreciation to the musicians.

There is an excellent balance between new characters and returning old ones from PS4. It neither feels like Mary Sueing the new characters nor too much reliance on the originals.

The game difficulty balance is spot-on. I never once had to grind to get through to the end, but the fights are very challenging throughout and I always felt the need to actually use my skills, techs and buffs. PS4 failed hard in this regard, the game simply became too easy very early and there was no need to rely on Gelun or Saner or Shift.

The ending is unfortunately unsatisfying. It leaves a lot of plot points unresolved, including what exactly the Zio cult remnants were up to and how exactly the final villain acquired what he did.

It took me about a week to finish this game. I am generally satisifed with the time I spent.

Thank you for this. I can confirm that this works on Linux Mint 19.1

See the other thread here about Bitdefender and Malwarebytes flagging the game executables as a false positive. Perhaps there's another program doing the same on your machine.

t.yamade above is giving very bad advice. Do not uninstall your antivirus unless you are immediately replacing it with another antivirus. Windows Defender is an acceptable antivirus if you are on Windows.

Can confirm Bitdefender flags this as a false positive for regular version. No issue with the alt. version without custom icon. Virustotal shows a consensus that the executables are not malicious and I ran them in a win7 VM with hijackthis and procmon just to be sure, doesn't look like the executables are doing anything weird. I was giving my folder an antivirus exception for a bit, but I think I'll just use the version of the game without the custom icon.