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#notGDC because I'm trying to find who killed Fluffy

A topic by Goloso Games created 30 days ago Views: 63 Replies: 6
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GOLOSO Games is a one man indie dev from France. I make games focused on creative stories and strong gameplay, when I am not working at my real daily job. One of my project I'm working on is Inspector Waffles, a point-and-click adventure game with anthropomorphic cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, Inspector Waffles won't be at GDC,  because Fluffy's murder took all my time to solve (and also because it's too expensive for a solo dev like me).

I am really happy to be part of community. Thanks for the #notGDC initiative,  it's a brillant idea and it helps a lot small devs like me. Thanks again !


Thanks for sharing, I've added your game to Not on GDC collection on rotation on the homepage. Keep it up

Thanks a lot leafo, I really really appreciate that :) Keep the great work! 


The game is interesting. thank you for sharing

Moto X3M

Thanks :)


please avenge me

Haha :) Will do !