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#notGDC 2019 Flying Free With Ayre

A topic by Gord Games created 37 days ago Views: 81 Replies: 4
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I'm Gordon Little, a guy from Canada who's been using since 2014ish when I made my first full game in Construct 2 called Spell Casting and later made Starfighter: R&D.  

I've recently moved into the third dimension and am currently making Ayre and the Crystal Comet.  It's an open world adventure where you can go anywhere you want from the beginning and explore 64 square kilometers of valleys, rivers, mountains and forests.

I mostly want to make games that are fun, mostly non-violent, and something I'd be proud to show off to my kids.


You're game is soooo good looking.  I like the effect (shader I think is the word) and the color choices!  Keep up the great work!


Thanks very much!  There are a couple of special shaders and they do things like make the armour and rings appear / disappear in a fancy way.  Other things in there that add to the style are volumetric lighting (fog and haze) along with some post processing effects like bloom (extra shiny lighting effects) and in the camera / screenshot mode you can add blurr and depth effects.


Thanks for posting, your transition to 3D looks great. Fun fact: you're the 1,722 account on (there are now millions). Thanks for being around from the beginning!

I've added Ayre to the Not seen at GDC collection

Thank you for the wonderful service!  It's very humbling to have been here since almost the beginning. :)