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Yeah flak cannon was pretty garbage before. I think the new version is much better and maybe even OP.  Thanks for playing!

You will have to download a new version.  I think the desktop app for itch has a function that will let you know if a new version is available, but I'm not 100%.  I will try to get this fixed before the weekend.

This is a bug, sorry about that.  And thanks for reporting it!  I will try and get it fixed shortly.

Wow thanks so much for this.  It's super helpful to just be able to watch how people play the game.

Huh, today it works.  Firefox btw.  Not sure what that was about.  Fun game though!

The s key only goes up, can't move left or right or down.

Agreed,  the hardest part right now is just understanding the game haha

Yeah I missed the itch deadline on accident but I think they are taking care of it for me.  Thanks for the feedback!  I agree with you about the levels, some more reaction based mechanics would be great for this game.  I just started to run out of time.  Thanks for playing!  Maybe I will make a post jam version at some point.

Thanks for the heads up, I just realized I forgot that step.  An admin is getting it straightened out though, thanks!

Ha, I love this.  Would love to play a larger version.  Nicely done!

Thanks so much for playing and enjoying it!  I'll get that bug fixed ASAP.

Whatchya got?  Mac?

Two player co-op is coming soon, hopefully in the next week.  We're you playing the endless mode or the challenges?  Either way, thanks for your candid feed back.  It's surprisingly hard to get that some times.  

You're game is soooo good looking.  I like the effect (shader I think is the word) and the color choices!  Keep up the great work!

Thanks! This really means a lot to me!

This sounds super neat, I'm going to try it out next time I have some people over.  PS: Your twitter link didn't work for me.  

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the art of parsnip.  Imma give it a go when I get home.  PS: Congrats on the game dev job!

I love this.  There are so many great, smaller games that don't get the attention they deserve.  Itch is great at showcasing these.  Itch allowed me to get my cooking game in front of a few hundred people and has really given me the motivation to continue working on it.  In short, this place is the best.  Here is what I've been spending my time on:

This game started as my Ludum Dare 42 entry and after getting some positive feedback I decided to make it a full game.  Working on it for 6 months has taught me so much about game dev that I didn't know.  I'm currently in the process of adding couch co-op to the game and hope to have an update that includes that in the next week. 

The thought behind it, is that you get to pick what kind of food your restaurant sells.  The more unique items you are capable of making, the more customers well spend on your food, allowing you to complete challenges faster.  It's a balancing act though, because the more recipes customers can order, the harder the game gets.  I have really enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy playing it.

PS: you can keep up with development here:

hmmm..  Do you mean being able to rotate your character in place?

ha, I actually made that today.  Will be in next update.  Thanks for playing! 

Frank's Kitchen is a continuation of my Ludum Dare 42 entry.  My intention is to make a game where you get to decide what types of food your restaurant sells and how it is laid out.  You gain more money the more unique recipes you are capable of making.  So there is a balancing act to getting as many different types of food as possible without overwhelming yourself.  

Anyone that can play the game and give me any feedback at all would be deeply appreciated.